Hello everyone,

I've got a question about backups. I have an iPhone 4S running iOS 5.1.1 and an iPad 2 running the same. I have had the iPhone jailbroken for some time, but have only just got round to upgrading the iPad from 5.0.1 (jailbroken) to 5.1.1. As such, I have no Cydia apps, tweaks, et c., on my iPad, and I don't really fancy going through Cydia and adding them one by one again.

I know I can use AptBackup to backup the settings on my iPhone, and restore back to the same device; similarly, I know I can just run dkpg --get-selections > some_useful_file to get a list of installed packages, then use that to restore the same apps/tweaks (but not settings) to the same iPhone.

My question is, can I share this package list with my iPad, or will it mess things up? What I mean is, will some of the packages installed on the jailbroken iPhone cause the jailbroken iPad not to work?

Also, a related question - if you use dpkg/apt-get to put all the packages back on (or, in this case, just 'on') at once, will it automatically install dependencies? I ask this because, if the answer to my former question (about whether iPhone packages and iPad ones will clash) is 'yes', could I just sift through the iPhone list (generated by dpkg as above), copy the ones I know I want into a new file, and use that as a script? Or will just listing those and not dependencies (most notably omitting e.g. Mobile Substrate) again cause me problems?

Many thanks indeed for any assistance!