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Thread: Lockscreen Notification Titles

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    Default Lockscreen Notification Titles
    Is it possible to change the lockscreen notification titles? I.E. I use Sparrow as my default mail app, I used Icon Renamer to change 'Sparrow' to 'Mail' on the springboard. But when i get a new email, my lockscreen says 'Sparrow'. I want it to say 'Mail'. Is this possible? If so how and by extension, the notification center as well?

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    Jailbreak developers have made custom notification center sections for their own apps, so I can see how it would be possible. Let me look into it and I'll get back to you in a bit.

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    Looks like changing the name of the app changes it's name in notification center. I installed the sparrow push tweak and it refuses to even show notifications. I'm not sure what's up but I can't help you any more until I figure it out.

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    Thanks for your help thus far!!

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    1. What version of sparrow do you have?
    2. Does it show up in the notification center settings(settings app>notifications)?

    I still can't even get notifications to show up anywhere. The developer of the app says in the description that he will add notification center support soon, so I don't know how you are seeing it in the notification center.
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    I am running the newest sparrow (updated today actually) as well as the most up to date sparrow+ (jb)

    I sent a test email and it shows up in the notification center as sparrow

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    Oh you have sparrow+. I have sparrow push. I will take a look, but chances are pretty good you will just have to wait for the developer to add notification center support before I can do anything to help.

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    Looks like I'm the one who needs help now. I'm running sparrow 1.3 (it says build 495 in sparrow settings) just like you said you were, and I have installed sparrow push and sparrow+. I still have no sparrow push notifications. In fact when I updated sparrow, even the option to turn them on(which of course I had turned on earlier) disappeared.

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    there are no 'push' options to configure in either sparrow or sparrow+. the app does however show up in the notification center (system app) for me to fiddle with

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    Odd. Either I'm really bad at this... or you are lucky and it has appeared in the notification center only for you, but not me.
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    Perhaps because you have both sparrow push and sparrow+?
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    Sparrow Push is one of Sparrow+'s dependencies.

    In other words, if I install Sparrow+, it automatically installs Sparrow Push alongside it.

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    as soon as i saw you replied, i facepalmed myself, i knew you were right before i even read it. i promise im not a n00b, just had a brain fart.

    now i am at a loss though as to why i get the notification center and you do not. i just rechecked sparrow, no options. sparrow+, no options. but in the notification center settings group, i can treat sparrow like any other app

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    Well, I'm sorry. I wish I could help you more but I'm kind of stuck. Maybe someone else will actually reply to this thread and help one or the other of us out.

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    got it!! what i did was change the info.plist in the folder in iFile, most specifically the CFBundleDisplayName field. now displays what i want it to.

    how can i make it part of a theme so that when sparrow updates, i dont lose it? or do i just change it every time?

    id rather have it as a theme as i will be changing multiple app names
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    ok, tried it on SmartSync, another app id rename, and now the app wont theme, reverted back to the original and still wont work, crap

    Fixed: Icon name reverted
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