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Thread: Transferring Notes to iPhone 3Gs?

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    Default Transferring Notes to iPhone 3Gs?
    Have 2nd gen iPod Touch (iOS 2.1; jailbroken). I want to migrate the Notes data from that to my iPhone 3GS (iOS 5.0.1; unlocked & jailbroken). Both were unlocked using some version of RedSnow (it's been a long time for the iTouch, so I'm going from faint memory).

    Using DiskAid I can copy the notes.db file from the iTouch to my Mac (OS X 10.6.8). When I look at the same directory on the 3GS, the files are notes.idx and notes.sqlite.

    How best to migrate this Notes data to the iPhone?

    Also a couple of non-Apple apps I'd like to transfer, but the Notes data is critical.


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    Looks like the easiest thing here might be to utilize your jailbreak tweaks the best possible. If you can still access Cydia without many errors (Updated as far as possible I hope) it looks like there's a copy/paste tweak for OS2 called hClipboard. I have no experience with any OS jailbroken under 3.1.2 so I can't give feedback, but best bet might be to copy all your notes and email them to yourself. Going from a really old OS to a really new one can be tricky, but manual methods never fail you.

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    My goal is to get my Notes data from an iPod Touch (Gen 1, iOS 3.1.3) onto na iPhone 3Gs (iOS 5.0.1).

    The problem was that iTunes refused to sync Notes data from my iPod Touch (it kept un-checking the "Sync Notes" check-box).

    Someone told me that sometimes using a different computer can solve the problem.

    Well, I tried using the same version of iTunes (10.6.1) under the same version of OS X (10.6.8) on a different Mac and this time it synced.

    I then connected the iPhone 3Gs and synced that from the Mac and the Notes data is now all on the iPhone.

    Live and learn...

    Thanks for your creative suggestions.


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    I'm aiming at transferring my old iPad 2 notes to my new ipad mini. I am trying to do that via the icloud:

    a. i enabled icloud on my old ipad and set notes sync to on
    b. i added my icloud account on my ipad mini with notes sync to on

    However, none of my old ipad notes will get loaded to the icloud - and in turn be transferred to my ipad mini.

    I was just able to transfer my contacts this way but not my notes.

    Is there anything i don't know how to do?

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    I don't think that iCloud will transfer the notes you originally had on your ipad will get pushed to your iCloud account. Reason: you enabled icloud after the notes were already on your ipad. iCloud notes sync does not work the same way as iCloud contacts sync does and will push only newly created ipad notes to your icloud. You can try using some ipad notes transfer third-party application such as the one shown in the video below:

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