Hi everyone, its my first post! and i really could use your help.
I have recorded an important audio memos with audiomemos - but cannot access them.

when it was syncing the recordings with iCloud - i accidentally rebooted the phone > now i cant access the recordings.
They are located at /private/var/mobile/Library/Mobile Documents/Documents/XP9YL2X6HV~com~imesart~AudioMemos2

when i try to access with WinSCP it gives me "files not found" error, but still shows me the files&their correct size in MB.
iFile just crashes when i try to access the folder.
iphonebrowser just hangs.

All the software are able to see the right size (600mb) of the files, yet i cant access them,
Any suggestions as to why its happening? perhaps i need some chkdsk tool for it?

Any help would be appreciated! thanx!