I have created a tutorial that makes putting Siriport on your iPhone a bit easier. I ended up doing this process three times once I had done it successfully once to see if there was one way to do it that was better than another. Listed below are the instructions, step-by-step, and a video with additional information and a better visual to follow.

Things you need to make this work:
Jailbroken iPhone 4 3GS or 3G
iFile (paid app but available for free at repo- cydia.xsellize. c om)
Siriport (Repo- repo.siriport.ru)

This is how you get Siriport to work:

1. Install this certificate: siriport.ru/1.crt (you do this by typing that address into safari on your iPhone and installing the certificate when prompted)

2. Add repo.siriport.ru in cydia and install Siriport for whatever iOS you are using. This file is very large, WiFi recommended. Once Siriport is installed you should be forced to respring your device.

3. Using ifile or a similar program, go to var/mobile/library/preferences find the file named com.apple.assistant.plist and press the blue circle for more options.

4. Go down to the permission section (user, group, world) and make sure they are all set to read, write. Save the setting.

5. Go to Settings>General and turn off Siri

6. Reboot (not respring)

7. Go to settings and turn on Siri

8. Press and hold your home button until Siri pops up. Say "Hello Siri". Odds are that she will give you an error. Something to the effect of "I'm sorry, but I can't take any requests right now". Talk to Siri every couple of minutes (at any interval) until Siri works. THIS IS THE STEP WHERE MOST OF THE PEOPLE GIVE UP. Please, have patience and you will have Siri running.

You can check the status of the Siriport server at this web address:

9. If the server is overloaded and it will not giving you a working key, delete your assistant.plist file, go to settings and turn off Siri, shut off your device then turn it back on. Turn Siri on and try activating Siri again. I have personally used this method 3 times. Activation times varied from 5 minutes to 6+ hours. It is not a fast method, but it is a free method for getting Siri on your i-device.

Good Luck and happy jailbreaking.

-Fire Bat