Good Evening Everyone, Sorry If This Has Been Posted But I Saw A Few Posts Looking For This.

And Though I Would Post My Thread From Another Site I Posted On.

Also You May Notice The Firmware Used Is Like 4.3.x But This Will Work On Any Device Or Firmware!

Lets Begin.

This Helps When You Are Downloading Apps From Cydia That Need A Higher or Lower Firmware

First Thing To Do Is Have A Jailbroken Device.

Step 1. Download iFile From Cydia.

Step 2. Check Your Devices Firmware.

Step 3. Run iFile.

Step 4. Locate /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist, Open As Property List Viewer.

Before You Edit

Step 5. Edit The Product Version To Your Choice Of Firmware. You Can Change (Should) But It Still Works Without Changing The ProductBuildVersion.

After You Edit

Step 6. Restart Your Device (Turn Off Then Back On).

You Should Get This Message, Which Means You Have Spoofed The Apple/Device Server Into Thinking Its The Firmware You Choose.

Step 7. Check Your Firmware Of The Device.

You Have Now Spoofed The Firmware Version Of Your Device Now, Well Done Now To Change It Back To Your Correct Firmware Just Follow The Steps Again And Choose The Correct Firmware

Also Your Computer Will Pick It Up The Spoofed Firmware.

Enjoy Guys, If Already Posted, Or In Wrong Im Sorry.

Many Thanks John