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Thread: Plist file or SBSettings toggle to disable Headphones?

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    Default Plist file or SBSettings toggle to disable Headphones?
    Hello, today I was using my iPod 2G (MC model) with headphones listening to a game I was playing. I was of course using headphones because my iPod has been stuck in headphones mode sense the day I got it. Anyway, when I was finished I unplugged my headphones while the game was still running. Expecting no noise at all, I was startled at the fact that the music was still playing, in of course a much poorer quality. This made me extremely happy, as I haven't heard my iPod's speaker ever before, and was anticipating not having to use headphones all the time anymore. But, 5 minutes later while playing a song, it stopped. I quickly plugged my headphones back in and out, to no avail...

    For about a month after I had gotten my (used, but in very good condition) iPod off of Ebay I tried all of the different ways to get it working again, and it did nothing. Just after today after the speaker stopped working again, I tried these things again, no luck.

    So before you try to throw me into another thread explaining things I already know and tried, and yelling, "Google is your friend!", please actually help me.

    I was hoping maybe that there is a plist file, or easy sbsettings toggle you guys could help me throw togethor to solve this once and for all. I know many people have asked for this type of thing before, and it's usually just completely ignored. Is this really such a hard task?!

    The iPod I am using is a jailbroken 2G (MC model). Thank you, and I look forward to working with someone to get tgis resolved once and for all... 

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    I hope this isn't in the wrong place, but I didn't see an "iPod file mods" section, just an iPhone one. And in my opinion this topic should work with every device except the 1Gs.

    Thanks again if anyone is even listening...

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