Hi all This will be my first post on the forum.

I have exhausted my searching for a way to fix a issue that is really tiny.

Styleunlock is the app I had been waiting for for the lockscreen so I can have a clear lockscreen except for the clock (clear background) and clear status bar.

But I have an issue that annoys me I can't for the life of me remember that when running ios 4 and using styleunlock that the unlock sound was gone. with ios 5 it is not there when using style unlock with the hide knob and hide slider enabled

I would prefer to use style unlock as it gives the feature a gesture other than left to right at the bottom and disabling the slide to unlock all together
if I don't choose a gesture and have a gesture set via activator then the unlock sound works. (via activator)

So I am asking is there a way to get the unlock sound to work with style unlock or is there a way to disable the slide to unlock without styleunlock ?
As I can set a clear lockscreen theme that hides the slider and background (hidden text too) and use a gesture via activator to unlock.
Hope I'm making sense.
I need custom unlock sounds

please help me to get the lock screen I need