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Thread: Custom sounds Good For Enterprise

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    Default Custom sounds Good For Enterprise
    My company just started allowing IOS to be used but only with Good for Enterprise. I learned the hard way they do not allow Jailbroken phones.
    So I restored to factory and got everything working, but the notifications are horrible. (Very quite and short)..

    I create my own and here is how I copied them into the phone without being jailbroken.

    1. Load iExplorer iExplorer - Formerly iPhone Explorer, is an iPhone browser for Mac and PC
    2. Create/download 3 sound files with what you want them to say. Convert them to .CAF
    GforE has 3 (good1.caf, good2.caf and good-cal.caf)
    3. The first 2 basically "ding" and show a number on the badge, the third is a calendar/event notification.
    Example: Mine say. good1.caf "You have COMPANY NAME e-mail" good2.caf good1.caf "You have COMPANY NAME e-mail"
    good-cal.caf "You have a COMPANY NAME appointment"
    4. Connect your iPhone with USB
    5. Start iExplorer
    6. On the left panel goto the Apps section
    7. Find com.good.gmmiphone and expand that key
    8. Open
    9. In here you should find the 3 .caf files
    10. Overwrite(using iExplorer) these 3 files with your new .caf sounds. Ex. drag and drop the 3 files to the iphone
    11. Reboot your device. Note: Ever update overwrites these 3 .caf files.

    Hope this helps and maybe someone will break the jailbreak check.

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    Default Help!!!
    Unfortunately I've add my .CAF file instead of erasing the "good-cal" in iexplorer & not able to delete it so now I have 4 ".caf" file instead of 3 & now the notification sound for my calendar even doesn't work anymore, can you help please ?

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    finally I was able to have it works thank you very much for this tuto

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    Hi, since the last good update 2.0.2 I'm not able to change anymore sounds can you help please ?

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    I'm so bummed. This worked without a hitch on an iPad, but I just got my first iPhone, an iPhone 5 with IOS 6 and this doesn't work.
    Not sure if it matters, but on the left panel all I see under the apps section is good, not com.good.gmmiphone, from there I can expand
    It appears to work but the file isn't actually overwritten.

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