I messed up during my iOS 5 upgrade and lost my Numbers documents. I could have restored and lost a few days of changes, but instead I started poking around to see if I could just restore those documents from the backup file. I found Juicephone and found the documents with it. Then I was testing something and not thinking and lost the backup that had the documents in them. so the backup with the documents is gone. But I still have the documents themselves (extracted from juicephone). These are in a folder (application data/numbers/library/application support/documents) labeled with a number (1 through 8, one folder for each spreadsheet), and there is a preview folder (with the preview image) along with a .plist file and an "index.db" file, which appears to be the document itself.

So my question: My iPad is not jailbroken, I don't really want to do that. Am I screwed? Is there a way to get these documents back onto my ipad? i tried just dropping the .db files into itunes (in the file sharing section under the apps when the ipad is connected), but of course those files are greyed out when I try to view them on the ipad (pulling them from numbers while connected).

Any ideas?