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Thread: 2nd Dock

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    Default 2nd Dock

    Been looking all over for this a couldnt find anything. basically I want another dock, NOT the tweak "Dock" on the side, and i Dont want to just add more to my current dock though infinidock.

    The reason for this is with my theme the background works with my Phone/Mail icon. it looks cool on the first page, but then looks like its missing something on the other pages since the phone and mail icon are no longer there.

    So I was looking for an app/tweak that would allow me to create another dock(on the second row) of icons.

    Anyone know of anything that would allow me to do this?


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    So you wanting another dock like above the regular dock and when you scroll page to page it stays there?

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    yes exactly.

    with my current theme the bacground clock/weather app takes up the top 3 rows. on the second row on each side there is a spot for your Phone/msg/mail or whatever icons.

    So i have my phone/mail icons there, on the first page it looks great, but when you change pages u no longer have you phone/mail icon there... I have no need of putting different aps in those positions on the different pages I would rather just have another dock so my phone/mail is shown on every page in the second row.

    ill upload some pics later if it still isnt making sense


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    I think I got it I just don't think there is tweak out to make that possible. Be cool tho if there was

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    yea figured that was the case.. ive been searching for a couple of hours now... only problem whenever you search anything dock related you get spammed with the "dock" (side one) or the tweaks for having 5 icons on ur dock...

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    Yeah you may need to find a developer and swing it by them see if it is possible

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