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Thread: My Cydia Recommendations (And welcoming recommendations that I am missing)

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    Default My Cydia Recommendations (And welcoming recommendations that I am missing)
    Hey guys, first post here. I've gotten to the point where I don't even know what else I could do to my phone to make it better / more customized. On multiple occasions I have googled 'top cydia app recommendations' etc. and have found a lot of the lists pretty lacking. Gunna try and recommend some and in doing so let you guys know what I have. That way you guys can [hopefully] make some suggestions so that I can be sure that my jailbreak is complete, for now at least. Just gunna go down my cydia packages and list em as I see em.

    1) a UiNique HD - Great theme that templates icons so they all get themed rather than just some of the icons. A very complete them that has different color mod add ons as well. The overall theme of my phone is red and black (pics at the end) and the red mod for this theme really makes everything the color/way I want it.

    2) Activator - A must. Set all kinds of different activation methods for really anything you want the activation method to do.

    3) Barrel 2 - Adds effects to springboard page scrolling. I like the vortex (which is only in b2). Seeing the default page swipe makes me cringe now because of this package.

    4) CalendarPro4 - A must if you have a job or are in school. Adds a ring profile to calendar events. I have my school schedule in there set to always vibrate and I can toggle the vibrate switch back and forth in class and it vibrates both ways. Very handy if you ever worry about your phone going off (in ringer mode) at an inappropriate time.

    5) FolderEnhancer - gets rid of the ugly looking default folders and makes infinifolders unnecessary because it allows pages of icons within the folder (just swipe as if it were springboard). Also claims to open/close folders faster than the defaults.

    6) iFile - A must. Very handy little app where you can put files on your phone from any computer on the same wifi. Any time a cydia package hasn't worked, I've put the deb file in to my iFile and installed it through there. 100% success rate with doing that.

    7) Piracy talk is not allowed.

    8) iRealSMS - It seems to me like very few people have fully used both biteSMS and iRealSMS. I had biteSMS for a long time and it would very rarely crash my springboard. Apparently it had some issues with 4.2.1 for a while and then after I downloaded the update that supposedly fixed that it started crashing even more often. After making the switch to IRSMS I have found that I actually perfer this one to bite. Lots of features that make smsing way better.

    9) Lockdown Pro - Password protect any app. Holding down an icon will shake the icons and reveal both an x in the top left corner and a lock in the bottom right corner to lock the app.

    10) Lockinfo - A must. Can be set with an activator activation method and displays whatever plugins you want. I have the weather, calendar, phone (voicemail/missed call), sms, mail, notifications, and clock. Tapping will launch the app and xing will clear the notification. Very handy / customizable.

    11) Megaman Loaders - I don't know why but I freaking love this. Changes the circle loader to a little megaman dancing. Simple but awesome.

    12) Move Lockscreen to Unlock - Pretty cool, instead of a slider you just throw away the whole lock screen in any direction to reveal your homescreen behind it.

    13) Multiflow - Displays your backgrounded apps in window format with a sleek animation, rather than the native icon based multi-tasking.

    14) PwnTunes - A must. I removed iTunes from my computer after getting this (because I have always hated it). Turns your phone in to a usb device more or less. Best part is that rather than just being able to see your pictures when viewing the device, it gives you a folder for iTunes music and My music I believe. iTunes music is what is currently on your phone, and you can drag and drop songs in to my music from any computer and in any format and it will put it in your iPod app.

    15) SBSettings - Absolute must. If you don't know what it is. Get it.

    16) SleepFX - gives you several options of sleep effects for when you lock your device. Another one I am strangely fond of, couldn't go without.

    17) Winterboard - see description for sbsettings.

    There are several packages I didn't mention, but those are more unique to the scheme of my phone, or didn't seem important enough for me to mention.

    Please add to this list. Half of the reason that I wrote this is so that you guys could offer some package recommendations. Thanks in advance, and I hope someone finds this useful.
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    Please do not recommend piracy as it is against our rules.

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    Sorry about that. Should have known.

    And also just thought id add one I forgot to mention.

    Spring Flash - puts your flashlight (ip4) as an activator setting. I have mine set to short hold of the power button from lockscreen. I can now use my phone as a flashlight without unlocking it or even waking it up.

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    Did you ever have any issues while having bitesms and move2unlockk enabled at the same time? Cause I have..

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    MTU may have caused my bitesms crash problem to occur more frequently, but the problem for me still hapoened before installing it.

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    As far as themes are concerned - HD Engraved Wood is fantastic and the easiest theme to set up weather that I have yet found. The rest of your recommendations are perfect, including Activator, Barrel 2, FolderEnhancer, iFile, Lockinfo, MultiFlow, SBSettings and WinterBoard. I would also add My3g, SnapTap and Iconoclasm.

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    Hahaha i bet i know what #7 was...

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    Nice list! I concur so far. Here's a couple more:

    Action Menu and Plus pack:
    For those who do everything "on device" adds many useful features to native copy/paste clipboard including favorites, endless (clear-able) clipboard history, page top/bottom, and more...

    *Free* Nice tab bar style app that gives ALL info about ALL installed Native/App Store apps, ALL Cydia Packages and has integration with iFile, Cydia app, and more...

    Color Keyboard:
    At least for iOS 4.x and up keyboard theming, one of two choices. Very affordable, very versatile, low overhead and not only makes possible but encourages making your own custom themes!

    *Free* Great little tool for anyone that edits plists and needs html color codes. Move sliders, find colors and html value is displayed in realtime.

    *Free* If you happen to be more interested in responsiveness than "pleasing slide animations and transitions" install this tweak, go into settings taking note of how slow the navigation is to get in and crank this up to 10, then back button out and note how fast the navigation has become!

    If you don't already have a tweak for this, allows you to place springboard icons wherever you want.

    Icon Renamer:
    *Free* Allows renaming of springboard icons.

    *Free* Use activator to assign to a gesture then use to open last used app from springboard and/or switch quickly back and forth between two apps.

    Remove Background SBSettings Toggle:
    *Free* I like sbs toggle only, removes all apps in task switcher with the touch of a button (toggle). I use this to free memory constantly.

    Agreed and enough cannot be said about this app. Quite possibly the most you could ever hope to turn $4.00 into these days... I spent more than that on a cheeseburger the other day and that $ turned into...
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    Excellent List and Recommendations!!

    I am new and been browsing and experimenting and have a couple more to add that I really like and think help improve the iPhone:

    inspell - spell check that works in ALL the iPhone applications and not just certain like the native spell check

    stayopened - Keeps app store opened after you select to downlaod an app so you can keep browsing.. I really like this one

    Thanks again for your list.. I am going to check them out....
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    1) color keyboard
    2) display recorder- let's you take video of you iPhone display
    3) infinidock- place every app you have in your dock and scroll it's awesome.
    4) infiniboard- place as many apps as you want on a single page and scroll
    5) iconoclasm- set up your spring board however you want 3x3 all the way 8x8 very handy
    6) shrink- shrink or blow up your icons. Also change the size of icon labels and even hide the icon labels

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    Wath is 7# thx

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