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Thread: Accessing the iPod library directory with iFile to copy music using MewSeek

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    Default Accessing the iPod library directory with iFile to copy music using MewSeek
    Wow, what a huge title... Ok, on to the question; I jailbreak my iPhone 4 a few days ago, so I'm still fairly new to the iPhone 4 jailbreaking scene, however I have done many hacks and jailbreaks of other things, so I do understand a fair bit of the jargon. So don't be afraid to speak geek, in other words
    So basically what I want to do is download music using MewSeek (the latest one) and then copy the music from the Downloads file (which is where it's stored, as I'm sure you know. Sorry for stating the obvious ) to the iPod library. I don't want to sue the import to library feature with MewSeek, the sole reason being I don't want to pay for that feature if there is another way to do it. I've tried the obvious options, such as copying the song into the root of the iTunes_Control folder, also tried copying the music into folders in the iTunes_Control folder, but that doesn't work either. I've googled it and come up with nothing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I'm thinking perhaps there's some kind of renaming technique for getting the .mp3's to be recognised once they are in the folder? Like I said, any help would be great.

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    Don't know if it will work but try a Cydia app called mytunes. It creates a folder in ifile called mytunes where all your music is located. You paste into there and it sjoul

    Should show on your ipod
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    itunes converts the music, jumbles up the names, and writes a entry to the itunes database file which contains all songs info. thats means it is almost impossible for an average user to do what you are trying to do.

    what LifeBandit666 refers to is called pwntunes, which you copy music into the folder it provides and it imports the next time you open the ipod app. it does cost though :l

    (ive tried what youve been doing and havnt found any solutions D: )

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    I've only used mytunes to delete music tracks that I'm fed up of hearing while I'm working, and for trying to make custom ringtones. I assumed it would be a simple copy/paste. Obviously not 

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    ahahah, sorry if i didnt help because ive only used pwntunes before, and i dont have wifi at the moment (overseas )

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    If you want to sync music over to your music app directly without using a computer, use bridge. It costs about $2 but worth it. You won't need a computer anymore if you use safari dl. Bridge will import music videos podcasts and ringtones. It's great I think

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