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Thread: iphone icon size

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    Default iphone icon size
    hey guys im trying to understand and figure out how to change "specific icons" size. i know about shrink, but i dont want all my icon's size to change but rather just a few for a theme

    thanks so much.

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    Talking icon sizes
    hey buds , i was wondering if you already found a way of changing separate icon size , im having the same problem on mi iphone 4 i just need to change a few icons to go with my theme. thanks in advanced if you have a solution.

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    you'll need to manually resize the icons with photoshop or gimp or any other service. That is the only way besides shrink with resizes all of the icons
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    hey stra4y how goes it ? ok so i resize the icon i need, what resulution may i ask and in which folder would i put that new icon and also i do understand that i need to have to file names one with "name.png" and another "[email protected]" sorry for all the asle , ive been serching and trying out some stuff that others seem to say it works but no cigar here

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    If you want to do it by the icons name you will need to make a folder called icons and put it in the themes folder. So if you have an icon that is 118X120 for example you will need to name it [email protected] then make another that is 59X60 named icon.png so I'm not sure what size you'd want it exactly but you would make the HD image first of the @2x.png one first then just dive the length and width by 2 and just name it .png

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    hey stra4y ,it seems like u know what ur talking about,ok so my plan is to have a few hd icons for example phone,ipod, and camera alot bigger in size then the 114x114 original size for the iphone 4 retina display im not sure if im resizing them wrong in photoshop ,but i never had this problem with resizing them on my old 3g iphone ,im trying to get the icons like the one for a theme called ihome older version ill see if i can send u a sample

    hello str4y ok i cant or dont know how to load the pic but if u look at my profile pic thats the sample that i was talking about thank you very much i really appreciate for you to even respond

    hello again str4y ok i was able to change the icon on one of the themes i had in winterboard all i did was , used iphone browser and replaced the files on the folder for a specific icon example ipod , with another icon file and respringed and it was there lol now the icon obvious wasnt hd which it didnt look very good lol im not sure if we can have an extraq big icon and keep the nice hd look as a matter a fact the icon that i put in that folder wasnt big at all , i just want to c if i was able to change it , which it worked ,,,now can we go bigger on the actual icon size ???? and show up when i resprong???? thanks man
    PS: the sample pic is on my public profile pic if u want to take a look at what im trying to accomplish
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    sorry to take long to respond i was in school. ill check out the picture right now

    just saw it and it is really small.
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    that was officially the scariest thing you have ever said str4y.
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    hey str4y how u been? i understand about being busy im on 6 day mandatory schedule so basically one day off lol, anyways sorry for the small image on my profile pic ,u will notice that there are green sms ,phone and camera icons in the center of my spring board and hopefully u can c that the center icon is much bigger the the 2 on the sides ( sms,camera) of course i used five icon rows to do this so i could center the phone icon,this is what im trying to accomplish on my new iphone 4 but i cant get my icons bigger then stock icons , i can go smaller without any issues , do u know if theres a size restriction for the retina display , if u can still help it will be greatly appreciated as usual , thanks again ,peace

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