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Thread: Winterboard Theme Changed Text/Alert Sounds; Help Needed Restoring Them.

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    Default Winterboard Theme Changed Text/Alert Sounds; Help Needed Restoring Them.
    So I recently was forced to upgrade to 4.2.1 and re-jailbreak. I'm on a launch-day 3GS and had been running 3.0fw jailbroken as soon as it was first able to be. Last week the battery "died" even though it was plugged in and at 80% when I was using it. I just put it down to charge and an he later it was still on the battery icon with the little red sliver. Tried every trick on google to fix it but nothing worked so I had to restore. Even THAT didn't work at first, kept giving me an error right at the very end. Luckily, after 2 days of messing with a phone that was stuck on the battery logo it finally restored. So now I'm on 4.2.1 and jailbroken with RedSn0w. Here's my issue though:

    I started messing with winterboard to try and build a theme again (had one I loved before all that happened with the phone) and SOMETHING is making my text and other alert sounds different. Now when I get a text a guy that sounds like a GPS voice says "you have received a text message" or "you have received a text message" when I get one, or "your iPhone has been connected to a power source" when I plug it in to charge. Words cannot describe how HIGHLY ANNOYING it is, who would EVER want that feature? I tried just going into settings>sounds but it seems that all the sounds were "overwritten", no matter what tone I pick for the text sound it is the guy talking, just a different phrase for each different sound. This is only in text sounds though, the ring sounds are fine, they're still what they say they are. I know you can "layer" stuff in winterboard and the top of the list takes priority, but there is nothing along the lines of using default sounds that I can move to the top (I didn't even know changing sounds was part of a theme, I'd never encountered one with new sounds before).

    Any ideas on what I can do, short of ditching the culprit theme? I'd like to not have to lose the theme because I am using it specifically for the carrier logo and the "page" logo (instead of little dots on the bottom representing each home page or safari page open, it's little logos now) and I cannot find those two things on their own so I have to use the full theme. Those two aspects are the ONLY feature of the theme I want (well and the logo slider button on the lock screen), the wallpaper and such I have already replaced by moving one I liked better higher on winterboard's list. Also, there are HIDEOUS icons in this theme for the "X" and "Refresh" buttons in Safari's address bar. Absolutely ugly and do not go with the theme at all, so I'd like to get rid of those too, but first and foremost is getting the default sounds back, and hopefully finding a way to isolate the aspects of the theme I like and get rid of everything else. Can anyone help with that? It would be greatly appreciated.

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    Did you install a package called Voice Notifications? That may be it.

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    Not that I am aware of. I checked my packages section in Cydia and there is nothing listed there (well, pertaining to voice things anyway).

    I just realized that it does it for a LOT of things. Sending/recording an email, texts, voicemails. SOOO annoying!

    I'm ready to dump the theme and cut my losses. It also changed stuff in Safari to these MASSIVE and ugly cartoon-y buttons. Like the X and REFRESH "buttons" in Safari's address bar are now MASSIVE red Xs (think treasure map style lol) and Purple Arrows for some reason. They don't even go with the theme (which is mostly black and white, and all based on the Volcom surf company logo), but they'd be tolerable if they weren't like 3x the size of the normal Safari ones. Also, my pop-up notifications have been changed too, to a pink color when a text or something else pops up.

    So yeah I'm pretty much done with this theme's wackiness. Can anyone point me in the right direction to a good tutorial for extracting elements from themes and placing them for use in winterboard? I REALLY want this Volcom Carrier logo (the standalone one I installed from Cydia doesn't work, it's still AT&T after I reboot the springboard from winterboard) and the little Volcom logos as page markers instead of the standard dots. Or a tutorial on just what filesizes things have to be to create them on my own and how to get them into the phone either directly replacing the stock things or through winterboard (preferably winterboard since you can just turn things on and off on the fly)?

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