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Thread: iPhone 4 safe mode loop

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    Default iPhone 4 safe mode loop

    Today i restarted my springboard and it started safe mode loop. Cant get out of it. Have rebooted my phone several times and deleted some known recently installed mods from cydia, but no help.

    I also installed Crash Reporter and now i have couple logs. There's just a little problem, i dont understand those at all. Is there anyone who could help me with this?

    Logs can be found here:

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    From what i remember crash reporter is supposed to do the debugging for you to find the most likely cause.

    Reading a system log to debug it is extremely difficult and i wouldnt know where to start (presumably at the end)

    However safemode is a mobilesubstrate utility which activates when a package relying on it is functioning improperly (i have had your issue before and its cause was the packages i had installed were not compatible with the firmware). Now because we know that the disfunctional package relies on mobile substrate, the action of deleting mobilesubstrate will amend your issue. This is the fastest and simplest resolution however there are a few issues with this:

    1) you will also lose all other packages which rely on mobilesubstrate (which will be a great deal)
    2) you will never know the true culprit(s)

    Now, the package itself may not be the problem, compatability may also not be the problem. It is possible a preference is. I know that on SBSettings once on 4.0 redsn0wed firmware i tried to add the memory mext to my clock on the statusbar which resulted in repeated crashing. So you have another option: retrace your steps, and undo recent settings options which may have caused this (of if you do not have access to undo these changes remove the package completely from cydia) if you think a package is causing this delete it.. and if all else fails you can always delete mobilesubstrate and start over with the modding. There is absolutely NO NEED to restore.

    I hope i helped.. Keep us posted

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    Now i deleted most of the installed software from cydia and i got my phone out of safe mode.

    Im going to install those packages back one by one and try to figure out what is causing a crash.

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    Hi, I just looked trough one of the logs and I think it is caused by
    1. Lockdown
    2. My3G
    3. Winterboard
    I'm not 100% sure!

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