Hey all,

There is a slight cosmetic issue that has come to my attention which i suspect is a result of conflicting packages. It is an alignment issue with the media controls on iOS 4's native multitasking dock (images at end of post). I am running firmware version 4.1 on an iPod Touch 4g (although i doubt that will have any relevance i will make that known now).

All possible relevant packages I have installed and may be conflicting? (includes all possible culprits no matter how unlikely):

App Switcher Volume

This issue is not persistent and i have isolated what series of actions makes it happen and what series of actions corrects it (only until you repeat the actions which makes it happen again):

Series of actions leading to the bug:

1) (On SpringBoard) Hold the iPod portrait
2) Turn to landscape -iPod SpringBoard changes orientation to landscape-
3) Double tap home button -Multitasking dock appears-
4) Swipe right -Media controls show, however they are not arranged correctly-

From this point you can return to portrait mode and the problem persists

However when i do this it corrects itself:

1) after having completed step 4) above:
2) Press the home button -iPod returns to SpringBoard view-
3) Swipe left/right on the application dock (I have ScrollingBoard [see above packages list] with the application dock media player enabled)
4) Double tap home button -back into multitasking dock-
5) Swipe right -Media player shows, with no fault-

Strange huh?

One more thing to note: this only occurs when the SpringBoard is visible; when an app is running everything functions as normal.

Any productive feedback will be appreciated. Also I do know my stuff so don't be afraid to talk in space age language with me if necessary.

Thank you for your time!!