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Thread: Frash error - abort()food.c:43

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrashFriend View Post
    Yeah...the facts about Comex and frash just don't add up.
    Firstly, you can't excuse Comex, no matter how genius he is, for claiming to be busy ALL THE TIME. So if he's not busy, why would he not even bother to:

    Reply to tweets
    Reply to emails
    Reply to complaints across the Internet
    Send "Thank You"'s for donations

    Next, how could he not realize the potential behind his own work? Flash on the iOS - neither Apple nor Adobe could fix the technical problems, even together! And Comex comes out of no where, successfully ports it, and leaves it to rot the moment it's finished?
    Not to mention there's no way you could hold a grudge THIS BIG over frash just because someone leaked it earlier than expected!

    I really hope Comex comes to this thread to refute this because just doing so is more progress than we've had for months!

    Comex, if you're reading this, we all think you're great - even more than great - but you have a lot of explaining to do.

    I thought I would just point out the obvious reason.

    He got bought out, makes me glad not to be one of the many who gave him donations. Apple has obviously given him a big enough "donation" to make all of you easily ignored.

    Comex Now Hired by Apple to Counter Jailbreaking | Iphone 4

    Also his reddit interview where he goes into detail of his 55 000 made from two jailbreaks alone not including his other projects and donations. He also informs us he has 179 thousand followers.

    Internship..... yeah right.
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    Hello everyone!

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Anyway, I am really sorry that I haven't been able to be on modmyi recently, I have been so busy with my "real job" that my hobbies have been pushed aside.

    So yeah. Anyway... Brb lol iPod locking up the joys of jailbreaking!


    Ok I'm back on my iPad 2!

    So I never got around to the iPlus thing... I tried it and it seemed to not work.

    So I am working to convert it into a backup modifier. So you backup to your iTunes computer, then restore to backup. It sounds a lot easier! Lol

    Does anyone know if their is a way to restore to another backup from a device that isn't yours? Cause I was thinking I could make a blank backup file and just put the mods in there.

    Thanks everyone for staying subscribed to the thread, and happy new year!
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    ModMyi Rocks!

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