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Thread: Fixed eternal safe mode w/o restore!!!

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    Default Fixed eternal safe mode w/o restore!!!
    So, I'm Realllllly new to this whole JB scene but I'm pretty tech savvy. For the past three days I've been stuck in safe mode unable to leave it, trying to find answers that absolutely NO ONE could answer. I've been told to give ip, I've been told to restore, and I've been told to send my phone to apple. PSSSH!!!! anyways I got a hint from someone on here to go to /library/mobilesubstrate/dynamiclibraries and just delete random programs till I find out what's clashing. I noticed TWO PROGRAMS in BLUE. CyDelete.Bundle and Activator.dylib, so I was curious. I decided to delete both and my phone flashed all sorts of colors and made the power connection sound like a machine gun about 30 times lol. Then BAM. safe mode gone :] I freeeaaaked when all that occurred lol bet hey, my iPhone 4 is fixed :]

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    Yea sometimes it's a problem as small as that, good job though!!

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    Yeah, thanks It's been so troublesome not being able to REALLY use my phone... So this is just to help anyone else if the sane situation were to occur ^,^

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    Strange that it would be those two apps of all cydia apps to cause that. Those are basically like core cydia appa and to cause that.

    Glad you found the answer though. (and Im glad I finally found this thread (: )

    But didnt you uninstall these apps in cydia? I thought you said you uninstalled everything?

    Next time try using sbsettings then hitting more ans disable apps through there because I believe that also disables the dylibs and doesnt require you to uninstall via cydia.
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    Hi Danny
    I am having the same issue as you were. Can you please let me know how to browse "/library/mobilesubstrate/dynamiclibraries" directory.. sorry but i am a me

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