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Thread: Tutorial: User Wallpaper 4.1 Fix

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    Default Tutorial: User Wallpaper 4.1 Fix
    I made this guide for everyone who wants to get "User Wallpaper" theme in Winterboard to work again and to prevent the zooming effect on Iphone 4.

    Note: I have an Iphone 3GS running 4.1. I'm assuming that this will work for Iphone and Iphone 3G as well. I've also posted a fix for the "zoom" effect on Iphone 4 when you change your wallpaper after fixing the "User Wallpaper" theme.

    For 3GS Users:

    You will need to have an SSH program installed on your computer. I use WinSCP. For more info on how to SSH using WinSCP just search in google or youtube. There are a lot of tutorials showing how to use it. You will also need iFile and Open SSH installed on your jailbroken iphone. You can get these from Cydia.

    First, we need to delete the old link in the "User Wallpaper" theme folder. To do this you will need to SSH into your phone and go to /var/stash/themes.XXXXXX/user wallpaper. Delete the link in this folder. Next, you can either use WinSCP or iFile to create the new link. Its easier using iFile. From iFile, go to /var/mobile/library/springboard. In there you will find HomeBackground.jpg. (This is the file you need to create a link for in "User Wallpaper"). From /var/mobile/library/springboard, click "Edit" at the top right, click HomeBackground.jpg, then click on the icon at the very bottom on the far right. Click on copy/link then hit done at the top right. You should still be in iFile. Now, go back to /var/stash/themes/user wallpaper, click edit, click the very bottom icon at the far right and hit "Create Link" then click done. Rename the new link to Wallpaper.jpg and you are done!

    You will still need to respring everytime you change your wallpaper for it to take effect.

    For Iphone 4 users:

    Do exactly as described above for the 3GS users except rename the link to Wallpaper.png. Then make a copy of the link you just made inside /var/stash/themes/user wallpaper and rename it [email protected]. So you will have 2 files (Wallpaper.png and [email protected]) inside you "user Wallpaper" theme (both linking to the HomeBackground.jpg file in /var/mobile/library/springboard). Adding the extra file with the @2x at the end will prevent the zooming effect when you apply backgrounds. Like the 3GS, you will also have to respring the iphone 4 for the wallpaper to change.

    You will also have to add the @2x.png to any custom icons you use for themes on the iphone 4.

    Thanks to i.Annie for all the help with this Issue.

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    Also, you can do the same thing to fix the "user lock background" theme in winterboard. Just delete the old links in the user lock background themes folder (var/stash/themes/user lock background) and create new links to the lock background image in folder: var/mobile/library/springboard.

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