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Thread: Guide: Recover Lost or Deleted Photos/Files on iPhone 3G/S (Jailbroken) on a Mac

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Sorry for the spamming...

    I manage to search the img dump from my iPhone before. All I did was that browsed to the img with Diskutility. Dubbelclicked it so Diskutility tries to open the img, but it will not be able to do this. A messege will come up and same something like "you are owned" and so on...

    But under your img a new icon will come up, that's named "Data". When this happens you will be able to search the img with a recovery tool, I used Data Rescue 3 for my searching. Unfortunately I didn't find the files that I was looking for, but maybe you will!

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    would this ever have any possibility that this would works on a Iphone 4??

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    any tutorials for window users?

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    I tried using the softwasre but my iphone doesn't show up.. only mt pc harddrive does. Any suggestions?

    Quote Originally Posted by minting View Post
    If you're a Windows Users,you can use this recovery software--Disk Doctors Photo Recovery for Win,you can free download and trial.

    Use guide:

    step1.connect iphone to computer the software,and you can see iphone disk show on the software "recover",and recover your deleted data on iphone.

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    Hello, I am in the process of using this guide and is having a slight issue with mobile terminal. I am running on a 4s ios 5.0.1 and mobile terminal isnt compatible with ios 4 or 5. Is there another way i can ssh into my mac?

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    please help!
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    hi together.
    thanks for the tutorial!

    the connection over ssh to my iphone is running.
    the transfer is starting for a few minutes and the IMG has a few of megabytes (5MB - 50MB) and then the iphone makes a reset and starting.

    can anyone help me please?
    ... and sorry for my bad english.

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    In fact, there are two ways for you to recover your deleted photos from iPhone. First, you can use a third-party tool to directly scan and recover pictures from your iPhone. Second, if you've synced your iPhone with iTunes, you also can regain your deleted pictures by extracting your iTunes backup file.

    Meanwhile, there is also a thing you should pay attention: Turn off your iPhone and don't use it untill you find those photos, and don't sync your iPhone with iTunes, avoiding iTunes backup being updated.

    2 solutions to recover photos,video,SMS,Contact,app,ect from iPhone

    1.Recover data from iOS Device
    Scan iOS device directly to find data deleted recently,or data lost due to inaccessible iOS

    2.Recover from iTunes Backup File
    Scan iTunes backup files if you deleted data for a long time,failed to recover from iOS device directly,or lost iOS device
    Go for iPhone back up tool with iphone 5 iphone 4s iphone 4 and iphone 3GS data recovery iPhone recovery. However, you have iTunes for creating backup but it shows errors and is very slow to go with. It is quite easy to handle and uses advanced technique for creating backup. what are you waiting for create backup and easily restore your data.

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    Default iNewb!
    Hi, I know I am late but it happened to me a year ago and I have been searching for a long time. I believe your guide is very helpful, with the outstanding replies from other users. I on the other hand am not able to have a chance at trying to resolve my issue in relation to this thread and similar to everyone's problem. As I am reading all the of replies and comments, I am happy that everyone is involved and helpful.

    *Cutting to the Chase*

    I have an unlocked iPhone 3GS OS 4.0.1 and a Windows 7 computer. I completely do not understand how to utilize this guide in my favor as it is too complex from my understanding. I have Terminal on my iPhone 3GS and I tried installing OpenSSH through Cydia and it will not let me as I am getting the following message, "Wasn't able to locate file for the com.dba-tech.common package. This might mean you need to manually fix this package." I really don't understand what that means. It will not even let me remove and reinstall. As for my computer I installed Cygwin but I do not understand how to use it. I do indeed have important information on my iPhone that some files, photos, and voice recordings were accidentally deleted and not backed up that I am trying to retrieve.

    I know I am a newb but I do really need help with this and understanding it and explained to me in Layman's Term. If someone or anyone can give me detailed step by step instructions, that would be wondrous. Thank you in advance.

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    Ive used this method a couple of times before on another phone no issue ...

    Ive just tried several times on two different macs, one running mountain lion and one running snow leopard ...

    On both im getting a broken pipe error after it reaches around 18mb :/

    any help guys ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by saintmonkey View Post
    Ive used this method a couple of times before on another phone no issue ...

    Ive just tried several times on two different macs, one running mountain lion and one running snow leopard ...

    On both im getting a broken pipe error after it reaches around 18mb :/

    any help guys ?
    seems its an issue with the phone dropping the wifi, put nearer my router which fixed, however despite it creating the img file successfully, the only files it recovers are the newly installed jailbreak files, the deleted ones arent being found :/ i went to get scapel but the site has gone ... ive also tried some of the googled programs wondershare etc they are just garbage and only recover files that arent deleted ...

    Now I have the img file is there any other software i can use to scan it for deleted files, I have a file recovery program on a pc, ive tried mounting the img file as a HD with no joy as the recovery program will only scan local drives, windows have a program that will mount it as a CD drive, but although it mounts it my program wont scan CDs and also the drive is unreadable ...

    there must be a way of using the img file and restoring to a HD and then scanning with A another recovery program preferably for mac ???

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    Help, I used wondershare dr phone to try to recover deleted files and it gets to 99% and didn't want to finish. I'm on a jailbroken iphone 5 on 6.1.2 and accidentally deleted 20 photos/vids yesterday and they aren't in my backup.

    I tried EaseUS MobiSaver 3.1 and it finished but doesn't show any deleted pictures. I shows all the photos from the last 3 months, but when you click "show deleted" it doesn't have any.

    What's I'm wondering is, if I try the photorec, would this work better? or if EaseUS doesn't see them, nothing will?

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    I collected two methods to recover deleted photos from iPhone 5:

    Method 1: Restore from your iCloud backup
    Restore from your iCloud backup, if you used iCloud to backup your phone, see iCloud: Backup and restore overview, or estore from a backup you made with iTunes on your mac or PC.

    Method 2: recover with iPhone data recovery software
    Even the data was deleted from iPhone, but it is still stored in the NAND flash drive, with iPhone 5 Photo Recovery, uses can easily restore deleted data from iPhone, read this article: How to recover deleted photos from iPhone 5.

    Suggestion: It is highly recommended to have a regular backup for your iPhone in order to minimize you’re lost of iPhone.

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