Ok I Kno this has something to do with the USB Drive from Cydia which I think works but haven't tried it. To throw the first punch of this round, I deleted it because i didn't want iTunes assuming it was a USB Drive(if you have this app, you might understand). Currently everytime I plug my itouch in, it won't be recognized on computer or iTunes, which I downloaded from old apps today. I found out that I have the error code (10). I have done tons of searches and nothing has worked for me. From going to device manager to deleting the all the Universal Bus Devices and restarting the computer and reinstalling the device( which I don't understand very well). Can someone explain to me how to solve this issue, I'm about to be KO'ed, SAVE ME PLZZZ. I forget if Geohot's RC3 works for my Vista( My other home computer, the one I am reffering to is my laptop in this process).