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Thread: What does the folder admob do?

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    Question What does the folder admob do?
    A nooby question perhaps.

    Does the folder admob in var/mobile/Documents track anything or cause the loads of ads in apps? What does it do? Is it safe to delete it?

    Thank you in advance

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    i would assume it stores cached ads. i may be wrong though.
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    So def something we want to get rid of then! Well, I guess I will just leave it there till I know more.


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    If you do decide to delete it, back it up first, most importantly. I would however recommend to look and see what kind of files are inside of the folder first though, to get a better idea of what they do.

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    Create a regular file called admob and it wont overite it

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    I took away all the permissions for my admob and pinchmedia folders about a month ago so nothing inside can be read, written or executed. I didn't notice any adverse effects, although I don't think I've had any apps that use ads for a while.

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    I had a couple of suspects.
    I just deleted the admob folder, went to SBSettings-->More, waited for the ad to appear and guess what?
    I was right, SBSettings puts that folder in /var/mobile/Documents
    But there are more programs creating/using this folder, like Categories.
    Categories couldn't put anything in there because i'm blocking a lot of adds with the Hosts file.
    But for SBSettings I had to remove some entries from my Hosts file because it wont work when you block the adds.

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    I also found out that categories was the one that created the admob folder. It has no harm to delete this folder when you see it. Since categories (or sbsettings/more) creates this folder everytime you open the app, I might consider to take away the permissions too.

    But do I need to set those permissions that for "world" only, or also for "group" and "user"?

    @wim66: how can you block adds with the hosts file? Does it also block cydia (scrolling) ads.

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