PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!! I tried using the xslimmer thing to trim my apps and i got it working with a bunch of apps... and then i opened cydia and i get "error database: could not open lock file /var/lib/lists/lock (13 permissions denied)"
Then I tried using installerapp on my computer to install packages..... one of them being a mobile substrate upgrade... NOW MY IPHONE KEEPS BOOTING INTO SAFE MODE!!
These commands were posted on the forum where i learned about this:
chown -R root:wheel /Applications/
chmod 4755 /Applications/
I tried using the above command except replacing Installer with Cydia..... but that made Cydia crash on open.
Rock also doesnt work.... crashes on open

I dont know what to do..... i dont want to restore..... but i need to get out of safe mode


(thanks button will be hit multiple times for people that help)