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Thread: appstore icons size locked?

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    Default appstore icons size locked?
    hello, im having a problem resizing my "appstore" icons .they appear locked so i cant scale them any larger than a preset size?homescreen apps and webclips seem to have no restrictions at all.ive made a webclip take up half the springboard. is their a way to edit these apps(btw ive edited the AppIconMask, AppIconOverlay,and AppIconShadow png files with success)3g/3.12,ssh,gimp 2.6,iphone shop.any feedback would be appreciated.......thnx in advance,gmo

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    You need to edit the actual icon, and resize it.

    It will be icon.png inside the app folder, for each specific app.

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    the AppIconMask, AppIconOverlay and AppIconShadow only apply to apps installed from the AppStore AFTER the theme is activated... however, because it edits the icon's as they are installed, even if you turn that theme off, the icon's will still be the "themed" size...

    as cpjr stated, if you want to theme one icon in particular, create a folder inside your respective theme folder and place the icon with the name spelled EXACTLY (case sensative) as it appears in springboard and respring... ie "/var/stash/Themes.XXXXXXX/YOURTHEMENAME.theme/Icons/biteSMS.png"

    this is what I had to do when i upgraded to 3.1.2 and tried using the Matte Nano theme...

    hope this helps

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    Hello,thank you for your replies,sorry maybe i wasnt clear that im not editing these icons in a THEME folder but actually in the individual application folder itself.The installed iphone applications (eg; phone,mail,app store,calculator etc.) can be resized however i like ,but the "appstore" applications that are downloaded seem to have a size display limit.The mask,overlay and shadow .png files I edited removes the "shine" and "grey square" backgound that apple mandates on their i guess "purchased" applications, could their be another file that can be removed/changed to solved this?......thank you again( both of you ) for your

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