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Thread: change booting logo - apple

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    Default change booting logo - apple
    does anybody know hw t change apple logo on booting screen of iphone thnks

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    yea if you have the installer app then u can easy do it with the app called cuztomize its an app that lets you do everything but u have to create your own image as of now

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    What size does the image have to be, though?

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    Default I Dont Think So
    Quote Originally Posted by starsplayer7 View Post
    yea if you have the installer app then u can easy do it with the app called cuztomize its an app that lets you do everything but u have to create your own image as of now

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    Quote Originally Posted by forsyt View Post
    loading image...cheers

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    It doesn't really work.

    So far, it is not possible to change the apple logo on a power on boot.

    Changing it causes the new logo to show for a second just before SpringBoard starts up and shows the unlock screen. We are replacing the SpringBoard startup logo, and not the earlier boot process logo, which appears to be embedded in some program.

    Also, loading image is what SpringBoard displays zooming out from the center when it starts a new application. It is only used if the application being started doesn't have its own loading image to replace the default. Most have a static loading image and you do not see the default loading image at all.
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    actually, I just read that the option on customize to change the loading icon actually only appears when launching a url from springboard(information based on the dev of customize) the above post, there is no known way on how to change the apple logo when booting as of yet.

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    This would be cool. I've had a custom bootscreen that I have been known to put in place on my motorolas B)

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    Can't you replace the Apple Logo Manually in /System/Library/CoreServices/ ?

    I would think you could just replace this file with the exact same name and it would HAVE to work because that is the image that the phone reads. Just don't worry about a 3rd party app to do it.. just manually replace that file...

    I would assume that it should be that same size: 71x84

    I want to know where I could find the loading image... the one with individual lines forming a circle that shows up when the phone is thinking.. like after it loads and before reseting the springboard.

    I want to replace this file with the apple color thinking wheel thing...

    anyone know where it is at?

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    It dosen´t work to make it as u said "djames04". Just for ur info I try´d but not sucsess. U have any other suggests??


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    mmmh.... This is wierd. I tried it manually last night, but it does the original apple logo until it is zooming out to bring in the springboard, then it switches...

    I wonder why.. no other ideas here.

    I still want to find that loading circle though..

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    Not a clue! But if u found some solution give me a hint plz! I try´d to do it ur way above but as I said it doesn´t work!

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    the boot Logo is part of the firmware Arrrrg so cant be changed for now ......

    I have seen a while back someone managed to change the loading cirle thingi to vista look alike it was posted here on the site somewhere.....

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    I want to learn how to change the loading graphic so bad.. I'll look around for that post.. thanks..

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    the apple logo can be changed but its in the firmware files. . I was told not to mess with it on a few Diffrent times that i asked .. yeah that would be a nice mod .. but I think It might have to do with anything diffrent then what the phone expects could Cause a problem on boot ..

    the spinning circles that it does can be changed they are in the one of the .artwork files at the moment its late and I dont remember which one .. but I changed them to the vista myself hah funny to see that someone else has done the samething heh ... also works good with the old school AOL spinning ball haha ..

    now the one thing that i have been trying to find is the file that controls the white progress bar .... like when sending a text message. . I have been able to mod pretty much all the files but still am having a hard time finding that one.

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