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Thread: IPhones music problem

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    Default IPhones music problem
    I have a Iphone 3g Jailbreaked using Firmware Version 2.1. Until yesterday it was working very fine and i was able to transfer music files using ITunes.

    I tried to transfer some file using ImTooIpod software.

    After that All my songs in Iphone got deleted, now ITunes is not recognising the phone and saying it to restore it.

    Please help me......

    I dont want to get my iphone locked ahain.


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    try plugging it into a mac. usually those programs format the phone to a mac format instead of a pc. or i think you can test it too by plugging it in, open imtooipod and then it will tell you format right under the picture of the phone and stuff
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    it is showing file system as MAC

    please advise

    Or even if Itunes do not read this phone, is there any solution by which i can send music and video files to iphone and the device can play those files.

    I will be very very thankful

    ImToo is sending the files to iphone but iphone is not showing those files.

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    let me try something real quick here and ill get back to you in a sec. when this happened to me i had to restore and just never used those programs again. you WILL need to do this. im going to attempt to find a temporary work around for you though. just hang tight

    try this and get back to me ASAP. im still working on another solution.just try this in the meantime

    MediaMonkey Free Media Jukebox, Music Manager, CD Ripper & Converter

    ok here is my best option for you right now.i know how to manually get EACH SONG ON 1 BY 1 but.... i need to get in the shower. my best solution for now is to use the app pwnplayer. let me show you how this is going to work for now if at all

    1. add the app through cydia
    2. navigate to /"var/mobile/Media/Audio"
    3. drag all the music you want in there. i suggest you keep your selection small for now
    4. now open up pwnplayer and go right to settings up in the top right
    5. change "Filesystem root directory" to this: "/var/mobile/Media/Audio" and hit done
    6. now just go to the file system tab and you should see your music there. it should show album art and everything if you tag your music right

    let me know how that works
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    The handset is recieving and showng the songs...

    Thanks for help

    will it work in itunes also

    The handset is recieving and showng the songs...

    Thanks for help

    will it work in itunes also
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    will what work in itunes? like syncing? your going to need to do a restore to fix that issue. my solution was just temporary for you until you do everything necessary for a restore. the only way to fix the itunes issue is to restore again. period. glad to hear the work around worked for you though
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