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Thread: Summerboard and Dock

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    Default Summerboard and Dock
    Dock was cool, Summerboard even cooler, however some people have gone so far as to run Summerboard only.

    This is why I think they should reconsider. Aside from the fact that you can jump from what program to another without gone back to the home screen.

    *Summerboard isn't perfect.

    As such, occasionally the bottom dock will come up but no home screen icons. What are you to do? Well, you can restart the phone.

    Or, use Dock to go to rSBT, click save then exit. This will cause SummerBoard to reload and viola. No lengthy restart and I'm not mad at SummerBoard.

    I hope someone finds this useful.


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    YES that a great appz but i still have some little isue on the name of the apzz that you want to lounch from the Dock i use iswitcher to change soem themes and the name doesn`t fit well with the icons appz... but is a minor bug....

    i still loving it!

    it is indeed a peace ART !!...

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    I like Summerboard a lot better than dock (and I dont see the need for both). dock just looks messy when you are using it, it bugs me. Summerboard is how the iphone should have come out of the box (if they had more apps I guess it would have). Plus you can use any wallpaper you want and not have to change all your icons in the process

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    it is a matter of preference, however i agree that Summerboard is not perfect, and i have had it screw up on me and the dock came to the rescue
    I am the MacBook Pro

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    one thing is that I couldn't take screenshots with Dock while running Summerboard

    but apart from that the two work well for me

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    I was using dock and Summerboard together for a little while, but I decided to take it off. I was getting a really long wait time for the camera to open and close and to take pictures. When I would open photos and look at camera roll, it would take a lot longer for the image to sharpen. I do like the fan effect, but it would take me like 2-3 times of swiping my finger to get it to open. I have not had any of the issues that some of the other iPhone owners are having with Summerboard. I have been happy with it. I would still like to remove the dock though, so that just my wallpaper shows from top to bottom.

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    can some one help me, i download the dock from ibricker but somehow it is not working, i don't see any dock icon appear on on screen when i downloaded, help pleaseeeeeeeeeee

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    Or you can do what I did - use rSBT to put a launcher into the dock itself.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
    can some one help me, i download the dock from ibricker but somehow it is not working, i don't see any dock icon appear on on screen when i downloaded, help pleaseeeeeeeeeee
    There is no real icon. It's a small yellow dot in the lower right corner of the screen
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    i have a Marware sportgrip case on my phone most of the time so Dock is out of the question for me. plus i found it finicky to activate even without the case as it would often load up ApolloIM when i meant to tap iPod in the lower right corner (Apollo was the first in the list). I dont have it installed, havent for about a month.

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