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Thread: Calendar app question

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    Default Calendar app question
    im going to use a custom icon for the calender app on the home screen. so the app shows the current date and day over the icon.png. Does anyone know if theres a way to make not display the day (monday, tuesday, etc). I would still like it to display the number just not the word. i cannot figure out how to do this. any ideas?

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    very tricky to explain but i think this is doable. your going to have to make the icon to the right of it have a mask on the left ... basically make your Photos icon (assuming stock order) look kinda like this where the X's are the part of your calender icon you want to cover the Day with:

    .............. ===== ..............
    .XXXX..... |photo|.............. |<-- The image will have to extend equally on this side
    ..............|-icon |............... so the icon will be centered... All the .'s should be transparent space
    .............. ===== ..............

    So basically, the Photo icon has part of your Calender icon in it, offset to the side to line up with your actual Calender icon. The Photos icon (namely the Calender part of the Photos icon) will load over the Calender icon, so you just need to make it the right size and place it in the right spot and it'll mask the Monday/Tuesday/etc.. for you.

    Another really cool thing you can do is use a translucent mask over the number date to achieve different tones (like a 50&#37; transparent white mask over the date will give you 50% gray numbers... I used this on an (unreleased) grayscale theme i created.

    I don't know how much that helps, but if you know a little photoshop you should be able to use this concept.. It'll just be a pain to line up perfectly.
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