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Thread: change sliders text on fw 2.1

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    Default change sliders text on fw 2.1 WITHOUT customize
    I will start off with some tools you WILL need.

    WinSCP (or another SSH client of your choosing)
    Erica Utilities (found in Cydia)

    ok you go open up your SSH Client and type in the IP Address of the device as the hostname. (Log in using the username root, and the password alpine)

    When connected goto your root folder, then go into the follow directory:


    Once there the file we need to edit is springboard.strings, I suggest making a back up now by making a duplicate copy of it and renaming it to springboard.stringsoriginal so you know you have it.

    Now! open up putty and go to that same directory…remember your terminal commands? If not follow this:

    cd /
    cd System
    cd Library
    cd CoreServices
    cd English.lproj

    Note the capitals!! Will not find the directory if you use lowercase.

    now in your putty prompt type in the following command;
    plutil -c xml1 SpringBoard.strings

    This step is important because it aligns the file to XML thus making it neater and less of a hassle to read through.

    Now you can remain in putty and just use the VI editor, if you’re comfortable using. If you aren’t go back to WinSCP and right click SpringBoard.strings and click edit.

    Dont mess with whats in the “<key>Example</key” lines. Only edit whats in between “<string>DISPLAYED TXT</string>” lines.

    VIOLA! You now have gained access to your devices System Strings and can now fully edit all the txt on the device to your liking.
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    Terminal won't recognize the plutil command...Any Ideas.

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    if you have erica utilities it has to work
    try reinstalling it

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    That worked fine reinstalling....Thanks so much...

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    after using putty log in wifi, now that i'm in TTKH:~root but cd /
    cd/English.lproj no such file or directory, also did instal Erica in the phone as well

    what's vi editor, i just like to change "slide to unlock " to "my iphone", now i got the message
    converting springboard.strings to
    cd/English.lproj root what do I do now

    I got it ....... Thanks the people @ MMI Rocks
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    im lost after going to English.Iproj what do i do next im using winscp?????

    what the heck is putty????? i think i am lost because i dont know what that is?
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    in winscp you go to commands in the bar and click it then click where says "open terminal" click ok and where says enter command write lutil -c xml1 SpringBoard.strings "execute" and "close"

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    Smile Thank you
    In case you using other languagesettings, just go to the corresponding folder instead of:


    for example
    /System/Library/CoreServices/ for Norwegian

    great guide!

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    I have a question...i am using iphonebrowser and can access an editor of the file through this program. Will this work instead of using WinSCP??
    I might answer my question before some else does but ill post my findings...thanks!

    WOW talk about the easiest change of the text ever....i am going to start a thread with this walk through....i love iPhonebrowser!!!!

    Ok here is my walkthrough....for the iPhonebrowser (its my first walk through so be gentle :P )

    Thanks again to Schnedi for getting me finally in the right direction
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