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Thread: first "Arabic Iphone" 70% done, need help, details+pics

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    Default first "Arabic Iphone" 70% done, need help, details+pics
    please digg to raise attention to more people to get help faster.

    The First "Arabic" Iphone
    I have worked for more than 14 hours today, and finally now i could see the Arabic letters, but it's still not 100%

    it is 70%, because the Iphone views it from left-to-right, doesn't connects the letters when needed, and the letters are small

    it is supposed to be views from Right-to-left, most of the time connected, and to have the ability
    to choose my font size (which i don't think anyone can do this right now)

    here are pictures of the Iphone with the arabic, and i hope someone who is an expert with fonts (TTF) can help me so we can finish this and write a manual to the whole world (so people can customize the Iphone in thier native language)

    here in safari while browsing a arabic forum, the text is from right-to-left, but the text is not connected.

    here while using mail, all of the text is from right-to-left except the SENDERS Name.
    again the text is not connected.
    I'll show you an example here to know what i mean if you don't know english:
    connected : هذا خط متشابك
    not connected : ه ذ ا خ ط م ت ش ا ب ك
    see the difference ?

    here in the Brightness screen, all the arabic text is from left-to-right, and not connected.

    the same as above.

    here all the text is from left-to-right (which is wrong), not connected, and the text size is too small.

    the text here is from left-to-right, and is not connected.

    hope you enjoyed the first Arabic iphone, even if it's not 100% lol. Thanks for viewing and please post a comment on, and also digg it .

    27 people read it, 0 replies, ?
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    i tried something, it worked, but also didn't, see the picture to understand...

    if you don't know the arabic language read this :
    in English there is only 2 A's, the capital A, and the small a.

    in Arabic for every letter there are 2 or more, lets say for example the letter "meem" which is basicly "m", there is the single m, the connected from the beginning and end m(could be in the middle of a word), the connected only in the beginning m(which means it's the last letter in a word), and the connected in the end only m(which means it's the first letter in the word).
    so for the letter "meem" or "m" there are 4 m's ! and because i don't know how to make the iphone understand that it only views the first one, thats why all the letter were not connected, when i changed a couple of them, they connected, but when they didn't need to connect they also connect (gives the - with the letter), look at the picture, you might understand now ...

    i just need help from a font expert...


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    Very impressive! I don't read arabic, so I can't really offer any help, but I didn't even know we were capable of font replacement. Great work! Is there any way you can document what you've done to change the fonts? I'm namely interested in the fonts on the homescreen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r00t4rd3d View Post
    great , now osama is gonna want one

    he would probably use google maps to navigate at the mountains...

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    Nawaf, I got it to exactly the same point you have reached, that is unconnected letters. Here is what I think is going on, some glyphs (a unit in a .ttf file) represents a character if that character is found on a website it gets displayed accordingly. However in arabic letters can be single or connected. Therefore it will require combinations of connected letters represented in a glypا. example [فل] [با] and so on which will make a .ttf file considerably large. I am by no means an expert, thats just my humble opinion, mind you I just bought and unlocked my iphone yesterday.

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    This is really great, but, at least share with us, what have you done, which fonts have you replaced. let us try it on our phones and we may suggest/help if we could.

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    these are file mods for the iphone. moved to file modding.
    . please post in the correct forum in the future.

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    i would like if someone can help us to change the view from left to right or at least making the words that has been writen on arabic move from left to right

    please tell us how we can mod it....

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    someone can help us?

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    Is there any idea how to make the phone read arabic SMS only .. I dont want an Arabic iphone just to read arabic SMS's...

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    great.. any new news???

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    Does the method shown by bottom work on the new firmware (1.1.1)??

    Also i made my own font and put it in the System/Library/Fonts/Cache and it shows the fonts in the sms only (ofcourse they are from left to right and not connectet but it took 2 mins only) ... Safari shows garbage

    Another thing, if you look at the font arialuni.tff int he System/Library/Fonts/ it already has them all, even arabic in the correct positions but when you try putting that file in the Cache folder it still doesnt work, even if you reduce the size by removing alot of the other stuff... WEIRD!!

    Anyway just thought i would about the subject a bit more in detail ...

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    Sir Can I Know How To Make The Arabic

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    Lightbulb some progress
    Hello mates,

    I am trying to Arabize the IPhone for weeks now, I am progressing slowly in Arabizing it. Here are two pictures I snapshotted for my IPhone:

    Best regards,

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    can we please know what are the seems that everyone is snapping some pics of Arabic iphones and there is no proof of how the steps are made. I am realy interested in knowing these steps so do others. the last thing is that I tried installing the ArabicSMS application from and until now I cant even read a single (connected word in arabic). any actual steps would be realy helpful guys. stop wasting your time with snap shots. thanks

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    hi mr thamorne can i ask what is the step to make this thing work please...
    because all seem see only in picture no still proof to this!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Once again,

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