only 2 questions i have and i need an honest answer cause im freaked.
Some days ago i bought an iphone 4s from america to use it in greece. Its on ios 6 firmware 3.0.04 so i cant yet jailbreak. Problem is that its verizon 13 and it needs an imei unlock to use it with a greek sim. Right now im only using it as an ipod only.
Gevey is not a solution cause if i ever update , ill need to buy a new gevey that will support the new firmware.

1. If any jailbreak comes out , can SAM or ultrasnow or anything unlock it so i can use it ?

2. Is there any other way to unlock it ? i saw about imei unlock from many companies around the internet but the cheapest i found is at around 100 euro. If i get a sim from america and unlock it , its permanent ?

Just enlighten me plz. im not experienced with this , its my 1st time i bought something outside greece and i spent my last 3 days looking for a solution and i cant even sleep thinking about my locked iphone 4s.
Thanks in advanced