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Thread: Folderenhancer on iPad 3 - keep on losing folders. Even after uninstall...

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    Default Folderenhancer on iPad 3 - keep on losing folders. Even after uninstall...
    Hi there,

    If I may barge right in : I have an iPad 3 that's jailbroken on 5.1.1 > I have Springtomize running, Infinidock and some other Cydia apps. And after seeing Folderenhancer running on a friend's iPhone, I went ahead yesterday, bought and installed it (along with Cydelete and Tab+). After a respring, all my folders were gone. Leaving me with pages of icons. No worries though at that moment so I tested FolderEnhancer, didn't like it that much after all, uninstalled it, reorganized my icons into folders, bought an app in the AppStore and lost my folders once more. Reorganized them again, launched an app and lost my folders AGAIN...

    Strangely enough, the folders in my dock (Coverflow enabled - not sure if that matters) weren't touched/modified.

    Anyone having suggestions? My thanks!

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    FolderEnhancer works great for me - I've never had a problem with it. My guess is that you have two or more Cydia modifications that are incompatible with each other. Check your Springtomize settings (and your Cydia apps) and make sure you don't have any folder-enhancing tweaks activated, they may be conflicting with FolderEnhancer.

    Remember, the more springboard modifications you have installed, the more likely things are to go wrong. You should only use a couple at a time. I'm using Iconoclasm, Barrel, and FolderEnhancer. They work great together because their functionality is very different, but complimentary.

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    Make sure you're using a purchased copy of FolderEnhancer (officially hosted on BigBoss). If you are, you can also try emailing the developer for help.

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    @ jahooba : I'm thinking it was my Springtomize that was acting up and conflicting with FolderEnhancer... Disabled it yesterday (after reading your post), tested it extensively and indeed, all worked well again. Re-enabled it yesterday evening (going back to the default settings), tried it again and nothing bizarre was spotted. Perhaps some weird conflict of a setting with FolderEnhancer? Oh well, thanks for the tip AND the help, sincerely appreciated!

    @ brittag : is there any other option? I've jailbroken my device to customize the crap out of it, to my liking. Not to resort to cracked applications or Cydia apps... This means that I paid 20$ for the JB (not needed but I gladly sent over the money) and also did pay for FolderEnhancer. Even though it did up being uninstalled :-) So for those interested : Barrel is awesome indeed, Double At is highly recommended (if you are sending yourself tons of emails as reminders eg), KillBackground and finally : THE best Cydia app for all of you with an iPad : SwipeSelection. Just brilliant!

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    Nice that it's working now. If you do manage to reproduce this problem as a conflict between FolderEnhancer and Springtomize, make sure to email the developers to let them know so they can fix it.

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