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Thread: Need help please! iPhone keeps respringing after cydia updates

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    Default Need help please! iPhone keeps respringing after cydia updates
    I updated some cydia essentials and then reloaded my springboard after that my iPhone keeps respringing by itslelf at the lockscreen and I can barlely slide to unlock my phone without it respringing again I tryied to do a hard reboot but it still dose it! Someone please help me!!!

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    Hold down the home and power buttons until the device seems to reboot. It'll probably get stuck at the Apple logo. Then, see this thread for a potential fix: iPhone 4 on 4.3.3 stuck on Boot logo AFTER Cydia TODAY update - JailbreakQA - if it helps, make sure you send a syslog according to the instructions.

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    But what if my phone is running on 5.0? Can I still use do it?

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    Yes, you can still use it.

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    What if when I plug my phone into my compuer it dosent read or detect my phone? What should I do?

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    Just follow what I said above - hold down the home and power buttons until you see the Apple logo, and then follow the instructions in the thread.

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    thank you! it did work for me! would you have any idea how to update from 5.0 to 5.0.1?? i want to make my iphone untethered so i dont have problems anymore. the only thing is that my computer doesnt detect my phone on itunes?

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    You can probably just hold down the home and power buttons until iTunes recognizes your phone as in recovery mode, and then you can use iTunes to restore the device, which will upgrade it to 5.0.1. (Keep in mind that you'll lose any not-backed-up data on the phone if you restore it.)

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    the only thing is that i have tryied that in the past and it will download the software but when it ready to install it tells me that it cant do it right now and to try later?? what should i do or is their another way to upgrade?

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    Check this list of restore/upgrade problems to figure out what's causing that error.

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    A friend if mine told me that if I wanted to update and restore my phone that it could only fully work on a Mac? Is this true?? Because I tryied too do it through iTunes with a custom firmware that I got from but iTunes would take too long and my phone would get out of DFU mode after some time..?

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    Nah, you can update and restore a phone on Mac or Windows. Something else was going wrong.

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