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Thread: Cydia: cannot install/uninstall anything, error inside.

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    Default Cydia: cannot install/uninstall anything, error inside.
    When trying to install or remove packages on my 2.1 device, i get the following error after the operation starts.

    Source Error
    trying to overwrite '/System/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/File Download Plugin.webplugin/Info.plist', which is also in package <package name>

    I am not able to remove the named package either.

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    i have the same problem...

    Anyone know the solution??

    Thank you

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    same here, This is driving me crazy, I get a popup on each install Error source error then an other undetermined error, then it seem app is installed but i feel there are bugs, My chaneg list is nto geting updated, . I tried uninstall the bigboss source and get same errorn then i reinstall it same errors

    what is happeing , is any big bug on Cydia ?

    Saurik where are you help us pleasee

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    For me, resolving this meant removing dtunes, and rebooting the phone via bossprefs. Error is gone.

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    i have this but i never installed dtunes

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    Having this same problem except something about *********.********** is tagged onto the end. I cannot DL, reinstall anything. Everything was fine until i DL dtunes today. Everything worked great like appshare and **********. I dont have safari download manager I wasnt sure if i was supposed to reinstall it after i installed **********.

    Ok not sure what exactly i did but i went into installer which I only think I have one in the last couple weeks and it updated. Then when my springboard reloaded I had 6 apps that were available to upgrade which i did not have before i went into installer. Then I went into cydia and and i could install, reinstall whatever i wanted to back to normal. Weird...


    dtunes requires you to have safari download manager and if you have appshare as well that program requires the app ********** which requires safari download manager to be uninstalled. Conflicting download managers im guessing. The fix is to chose one or the other you cannot have both from what I have been experiencing.
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    Problem solved!!

    Upgrade ********** at version 1.2 and the error disappear...

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    How do you upgrade **********?

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    what is **********? i had the same problem but with mobile-terminal 426 for iso 4 i just kept trying to uninstall it and it worked.

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