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Please read and help support victims of the nuclear fall out from US nuclear tests in the Marshall Islands.

Thank you!

This group was formed to protest Hallow Inc's portrayal of Project 4.1 and the U.S.' nuclear testing programs in the Marshall Islands. Hallow Inc. is using this real-life story as the background for their zombie-filled haunted house.

After 10 days of hundreds of attempts at contact, Hallow Inc HAS NOT MADE ANY RESPONSE.

PETITION (sign it!):

Hallow Inc. | Urban Haunted House | Warehouse: Project 4.1 | Rockville
Joyce Roldan, Director of Operations
[email protected]

ARTICLES (comment!): Gazette.Net: Zombie haunted house sees backlash for basing story on real events

Haunted House in Hot Water Over Story Plot |

Honolulu Civil Beat: Marshall Islands Ambassador: Maryland Halloween Group Never Reached Out - Honolulu Civil Beat - DC808


***rebrand your project in a way that does not cheapen, exploit, and demean one of the greatest tragedies of our time
***acknowledge the terrible real-world consequences of the U.S.' testing program

Join us in continuing to put the pressure on!