Hello guys,

Yesterday while installing tycophone 4, i noticed that i couldn't change the background (this is a pretty common problem as google search suggests). Therefore, i thought of trying to change the background. I downloaded ifile from cydia. After that, i went into the directory of tycophone weather theme and edited the style.css file to load the wallpaper of lockscreen from winterboard. this is where i guess i went wrong. After i closed ifile, i tried to open sbsettings but it couldn't so i tried to open winterboard for a repsring. The phone got stuck then. After i while i pressed the home and power button for 10 seconds to reboot it. It did so and passed the apple logo but got stuck afterwords at blank screen where it should originally have loaded the lock screen. i guess i have changed it load something impossible and it keeps on trying to load it but cannot and hence is stuck on the black screen. all i need to do is access the file system and revert my settings. diskaid, iexplorer and ifunbox doesnot detect the iphone. I am really scared. any help would be much appreciated.