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Thread: No easy way to view updated topics (error msg)

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    Default No easy way to view updated topics (error msg)
    I'm trying to find a way to quickly see my posts in order to see if those threads were updated. A lot of these types of forums sites have a "User CP" where you can go and view all of your subscriptions to see if topics were updated since your last visit. I tried to find this and couldn't, so I clicked my username in the top right to go to my profile.

    In my profile on the left hand side there's a Find Latest Posts link. Sounds kind of like what I'm looking for. However if I click on it I get this error:

    vB_Legacy_CurrentUser does not have a field 'userid' on line 40 in /home/mmi/public_html/vb/legacy/dataobject.php
    #0 /home/mmi/public_html/vb/legacy/user.php(128): vB_Legacy_Dataobject->get_field('userid')
    #1 /home/mmi/public_html/vb/legacy/currentuser.php(89): vB_Legacy_User->isGuest()
    #2 /home/mmi/public_html/vb/search/searchtools.php(349): vB_Legacy_CurrentUser->getSearchPrefs()
    #3 /home/mmi/public_html/search.php(206): vB_Search_Searchtools::searchIntroFetchPrefs(Objec t(vB_Legacy_CurrentUser), '1')
    #4 /home/mmi/public_html/vbseo.php(1397): require('/home/mmi/publi...')
    #5 {main}

    Fatal error: vB_Legacy_CurrentUser does not have a field 'userid' on line 40 in [path]/vb/legacy/dataobject.php in [path]/vb/vb.php on line 287

    Also on that page there is a New Posts link that does the same thing.

    Now that I'm going through this as I'm typing... I did just find what I'm looking for, buried in this path:
    Click on user name in upper right. Click on Private Messages in blue nav bar at top. Click on My Subscriptions in left hand navigation.

    Anyway, that being said, I wanted to bring the above error to the site dev's attention. This is a great site and I know there's a lot of good stuff here, so I wasn't sure if this was a known issue or something that's being worked on.


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    It's known that the search related functions dont work and being worked on.

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    Yeah the search doesn't work at all like you said. Here's a workaround for anyone who stumbles upon this thread.

    Head over to google and in the search bar type then your search phrase. It seems to find stuff posts AND news.

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