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Thread: Help with original iPod

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    Hey everybody I was hoping that somebody could help me. My friend recently approached me with an iPod classic that was showing that all of the storage was full with "other", even though nothing is on it, and asked if i could fix it. I told him that i would give it a shot, thinking that a good old restore would do the trick. Unfortunately, I soon discovered that the iPod was screwed up in more ways than one. When i plugged it into the computer (windows vista), it began installing device driver software. When it finished, the ipod displayed "connected" on the screen. I open iTunes, but there was no device detected. It was as though the iPod was not even there. So i closed iTunes and opened my computer. the ipod showed up there, labeled (G:). I double clicked on it, and immediately the computer froze. I had to use task manager to gain back control, and restart explorer.exe. I soon realized that any program that you could view or manage disk drives on (disk defrag, computer manager, etc.) were all inoperable and would make the computer freeze so long as the iPod was connected. After about an hour of trying stuff, I decided to move to a new computer (windows 7). This did not freeze, but the ipod was still not being recognized by itunes. I opened my computer, double clicked on the ipod (G:) and got an error saying "you cannot use this disk until it is formatted". So i went to format it, and got a message saying that it could not be formatted. I searched the problem on itunes, and found that this problem was often caused by the iPod having an incorrect drive letter. I followed the guide on how to change it, but of course, when i got to disk management, it said "connecting to virtual disk service" and froze. I am very confused on how to make this work and any responses would be much appreciated.

    Ok I got iTunes to recognize it. i successfully restored, but now i have a message on the screen telling me not to disconnect. i waited a long time, and despite the warning on screen, i disconnected. it immediately said ok to disconnect with a check mark above it, and the apple appeared. unfortunately, the screen went dark, and then it rebooted. now i am in a boot loop. i plugged it back in and got the do not disconnect message again. itunes will not recognize it, and now even the windows 7 computer is freezing up.
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