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Thread: dust remover spray?

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    Default dust remover spray?
    i tried to make use of the search button but i came up empty handed

    i recently purchased a second hand 3GS in hopes of jailbreaking/unlocking it when the dev team releases the software. initially, i noticed the phone was in very good condition with an exception of a scratched up screen protector but i had it replaced anyways. but later on upon inspection, i noticed some dust building up on the speakers and dockport. i realize this is inevitable but i wanted to clean it up regardless.

    blowing at it wasnt doing anything so i bought some 3M Dust Remover that i use on my keyboard and such. on the drive home from Target, i started getting crazy ideas in my head like what if it screws up the touch screen or sets off the water sensor. so pretty much, i was wondering has anybody cleaned their dockport/speakers with an aerosol dust spray? is it safe?

    oh yeah, i was on eBay the other day and i spotted some rubber plugs made to protect the dockport, has anybody tried those?

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    Well, in the instructions manual, it stated "Do not clean the device with aerosol spray." So I wouldn't use that.

    Oh yeah, wrong section.
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    i agree, i wouldnt do the opposite of what the instruction manual told me to do

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