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Thread: Will trade Google Voice invite for google wave invite

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    Default Will trade Google Voice invite for google wave invite
    I have 2 google voice invites, Im looking for a Google Wave invite.

    PM me if you are interested
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    Hate to Hijack, but I also have a bunch of invites. I'll be willing to trade "this/ 1 Google Wave invite"
    They are as follows:

    2 Google Voice/1 Wave
    1 Brizzly/ 1 Wave
    2 Jolicloud/ 1 Wave
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    3 GV invites for 1 Wave.

    PM me if you have an offer.
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    Default I have a wave invite to trade
    for one google voice invite. how do we do this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chefanim View Post
    I have 2 google voice invites, Im looking for a Google Wave invite.

    PM me if you are interested
    PM me your gmail address Chef, I will send you an invite.

    You helped me out with a few icons awhile back - what goes around....

    Don't need the GV.
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    Default Google Voice for Wave Invites
    I have a couple Wave invites left i would trade for voice invites. email me at hawk3r at gmail dot com and ill tell you an address to send the invite to (a couple of friends) and ill send you a wave invite. Thanks!

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    How about a nickle?

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    EDIT: i traded with someone so i'm good to go...good luck tho
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    I have 2 Google Voice invites left and would like a wave invite. Please text me with your email address to 562-726-4587 (my google voice number)

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    I have some google wave invites, pm me if you want one
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    Default Need Google Voice
    I have Google Wave invite and i like to give it for getting a Google Voice invite in return.
    Please Message me soon...

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    would like to receive a google voice invite...will send a google wave invite to you! Email me at checkraize at yahoo dot com

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    Heck, I have like, 37 invites. Who wants one.

    EDIT: Proof..
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    I have many wave invites if anybody wants them. i would love to trade one or all for a voice invite.

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