ok first of all i know there is a seperate forum for installing os x on a pc but no one has answered my posts and it has almost been a week but i have noticed that their is not very much action in that forum.

I have a 4 month old dell xps M1530 laptop running vista, it has an intel core 2 duo and i have done a little research on other sites and im pretty sure it is capable of dual booting.

I will have to appologize before hand because i am very noobish at that really makes people angry

What would really make me happy is if i could find someone with the same computer that dual booted and could make me a detailed guide but i can probably just keep dreaming.

I guess i can start out slow by asking if this is even right for me because the main reason i want os x is for my iphone (winpwn hasnt updated i need pwnage tool) would everything work right with the usb ports and all? And will this slow down my computer? putting another os on the hard drive?

Next, what is the best method for me? ex. kalyway?

I will stop there for now...i would really apreciate any suggestions...thanks!