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Thread: The randomly off topic thread

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    So should I post it west?

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    send it to me in a pm

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    Alright hold on lemme get on my computer

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    sounds good

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    ahhh i almost drank my iKlear...was next to my drink.. i grabbed it instead..

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    That would of been bad lol

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    I should post it here West

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    Naw dont want to give you an infraction

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    Did moon get one?

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    No but yours is a little more verbal then his

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    Oh lol. It was kind of exciting

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    Are you gonna go on xbox tonight?

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    Probably not

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    Oh ok

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    Yeah busy trying to get my computer back to the way it was

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    Good luck

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    Going to need it i lost quite a bit

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    Wow, he almost got an infraction for posting that GV chat?

    I'm just glad I missed one when I was flouting the swear filter for grins, lol.

    --Apropos to nothing: my school gig is on spring break this week, I just got done with two major volleyball tournaments for that one, and IT schedule is clear this week and next.

    So I figure, hey, why not take a vacation to Miami in the week or so I've got?

    $300+ night for a hotel room anywhere near Miami, $500+ for the flight. If that wasn't bad enough, it turns out I've got another volleyball tournament on Sunday in a city 125 miles away.

    CAN A GUIDO* CATCH A ******* BREAK?!

    *I am the antithesis of the male cast of Jersey Shore. I also am not Italian.
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