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Thread: The randomly off topic thread

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    Kinda shocked to see you up this late.

    I was getting ready to leave work and did a quick "new posts" click and saw your name as last post in thread I was like WTH.

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    My boss has been having test somethings the past 2 nights. Sucks because the stuff I am testing will be taking my job from me.

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    Have to wake and take meds, just thought I would check and see if anything exciting was happening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cer0 View Post
    To addon to my above post. I am actually on my 2nd PS3. My launch PS3's disc drive does not work anymore. But it works perfectly for some PSN games and Netflix/Hulu streaming to my spare room.

    Bought a slim to take it's place in the living room.


    Growing to hate the shuffle feature on my iPhone. I listen to music on it during my shift and I use the shuffle. It doesn't seem to shuffle much. I have heard some songs 4+ times while there are plenty of songs in my lists that I have not heard during shuffle.
    Ironically enough I have 2 Xbox 360s with the Open Tray error. They want $99 a piece to fix them, but I am considering reading up on how to code the drives to the Xbox so I can get away with just the cost of the optical drives.

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    I know I could replace the blu-ray drive in my fat ps3 but don't feel like it. Makes a great streaming device and plus I was looking to replace it with the slim anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blkcadi View Post
    Have to wake and take meds, just thought I would check and see if anything exciting was happening.
    How you been feeling?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
    watching Beverly hills cop
    All of them are fantastic.

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    No lab today

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    Wow I'm tearing up MMi today! Last poster in six threads

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    No. Well unless posting "yar" in fourteen two year old threads is spamming

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    But everybody does it! In fact, I'm getting a monthly check of $400 from, as part of a national market-research experiment. You should really check in to them!

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    My red parts are coming in for my iphone4 so excited to do a swap for myself. I can't decide if I wanna do the clear glass mod or I go with a red back as well

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    I'd go with the clear glass

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    Front and back or just back

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    For a tech like you, go clear.

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