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Thread: searching the forums/opinion piece

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    Default searching the forums/opinion piece
    Ok, so has anyone else noticed that you can't search the forums?! i mean maybe i am just shockingly dumb, but not matter what i type into the "search this forum" box i get no results. I've tried searching for posts/threads/ and all the other combos. I (i'm sure along with most others) have read (and received) the aggravated responses from mmi "pros" - SEARCH BEFORE YOU START A NEW THREAD TO ASK SOMETHING THAT'S BEEN ANSWERED 1000 TIMES!
    Well point taken and hey, i would rather find the my question already answered (and get an instantaneous fix) opposed to having to ask it myself, but cmon now- where am i suppose to be searching?! Or maybe what i should be asking is how? The general search on the mmi site gives me mostly old and often un/outdated info and as i said before i can't seem to work the forum search. I'm sure i can't be the only one with the problem... So to those newbies out there who feel like dumb asses whenever they have to ask a question- i'm with you! And to those pros who are constantly annoyed at our ineptitude, please i am dying to know what i am doing wrong!

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    Hey Hey! we love noobs here. What are you searching for?

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    I agree, the search function seems broken. Usually a google search does the trick for me though.

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    works fine for me. I just searched three different topic's and found answers to them all.
    Try adding a * after your key words
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    I just searched for searched posts........... Grabup Image

    it works.

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