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Thread: assassins creed xbox 360

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    Default assassins creed xbox 360
    Man.. this game looks awesome, but is it worth to buy?
    35 quid and no demo to download & try feels a little risky. Besides it's only 1 player only...

    any suggestions amigos?

    p.s. i really don't like gears of war..

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    This game is nothing like gears, but honestly I can;t recommend anything to someone who didn't like gears. That game IMO is one of the best on the 360 to date. Not tryng to ridicule you, our tastes are just obviously different

    IMO assassin's creed is worth a rent, but nothing more. Don;t know if renting is available where you are. Reply value, partially due to it being single player, is fairly low.
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    yea man, that is what i was thinking too, after finishing the game and knowing what the story is about i don't think i will ever play it again. But renting it in blockbuster is pretty expensive too, for that price i might as well just add a little to buy it.

    lol I just don't like gears of war because i am not into those fake monster thingy (game came with the xbox for free)
    But call of duty 4 i really really like it, actually i only got the xbox just because of that.

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    Gears was amazing, played that for months, on to Guitar Hero 3 now

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    Rent it. An amazing game, but no replay value whatsoever (though its fun to get on and mess around every now and then)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidetalker View Post
    Rent it. An amazing game, but no replay value whatsoever (though its fun to get on and mess around every now and then)
    im gonna have to agree here played it once and i have never touched it again.

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    awesome game...just got it last week.

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