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Thread: celeste for iOS 5.0.1 ??

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    Default celeste for iOS 5.0.1 ??
    hi anybody

    i want to know is there any update of celeste for iOS 5.0.1

    is there any hope ?

    when they will release celeste update for iOS 5.0.1 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DC_Dave View Post
    i know that my friend but i want full support for iOS 5.0.1

    i have paid money for full support not this way
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    You'd better give up and just hope, none of the devs ever posted here and actually maybe even never read these forums. Cocoanuts may be good devs, but they are slow as hell and a distaster in communication management. They can tell you it's almost ready and then completely disappear for 3 months without giving any news and replying to inquiries. Who knows if they're doing something or they are just sitting with their customer's dollars, hard to tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DC_Dave View Post
    This goes to Cocoanuts ------->
    that's not really a solution! it should still give users have paid for celeste. and they want full support and not wait months for an update!
    So you finally give easy and let your paying customers do not always wait so long, because ios 5 is indeed finally been around long enough there.
    or you have earned enough money and it is no longer necessary?
    I really hope that this is not so ...
    but if so you should give the project to someone about the darn show more interest!
    let's go ...! (whatever)

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    As already mentioned in this post cocoanutapps attitude to their paying customers stinks to high heaven !! They're arrogant and ignorant in thinking that in NOT communicating all he bad press will go away by itself. They do not respond to emails or tweets (as we know) , they do not keep customers in the loop in any way. Compare this to serious developers of tweaks such as Lockinfo or Springtomize where updates are posted continuously AND THEY KEEP THEIR CUSTOMERS UP TO DATE !! I presume no-one from cocoanutapps will read or reply to these post in what is designated as the official support forum !!!?

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    From Twitter today @cocoanutapps;

    GREAT SUCCESS! iOS5 iTunes finally pwned. Gremlin, Celeste, and YourTube updates for iOS5 are all ready for beta-testing, await instructions

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    Beta version for ios5 released :
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    Yes but best looking at Customer Feedback & Mobile iTunes pwned yet again - CocoaNuts before Adding & installing it.

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    It's still a bit raw and some bugs are there, but it's a step forwards. VERY slow on importing music, I initially tought it wasn't working but just tried again with an mp3 and it worked. Took a couple of minutes, though.

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