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Thread: Wann kommt Celeste für iOS 5?

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    Question Wann kommt Celeste für iOS 5?
    Yes, my question is how in the title:
    When Celeste comes to iOS 5?

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    ^^^ lol twitter do you know who controls Celeste's twitter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broomhead View Post
    ^^^ lol twitter do you know who controls Celeste's twitter?
    not sure,
    but Matthais Ringwald links to Celeste: Bluetooth File Sharing for iOS which links to #cocoanutapps

    ( THIS on the other hand, appears to be very much fake Celeste | Facebook )
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    For you guys still on iOS4.3 and waiting for Celeste to update, I can confirm the following works on IOS5.01
    Gremlin does not work on iOS5 yet so why not install Celeste without Gremlin and then use iFile to move files around.
    While on iOS4 with Celeste already installed, install and run ApptoDeb 1.2 in Cydia. In ApptoDeb, scroll down to Celeste and select it and edit the following option...
    In Dependants, delete
    ", co.cocoanuts.gremlin2 (>= 2.1)"
    Then click on make DEB and save it somewhere like Dropbox
    Upgrade to iOS5.01 and jailbreak.
    Set Cydia from user to developer, then you can search and make sure you have the following installed

    Action Menu
    Airplane SBSettings Toggle
    Darwin CC Tools
    Link Identity Editor
    Springboard Access
    UUID generator
    (Cydia can be put back to user mode)

    Then from iFile, install the previously saved Celeste.deb file and reboot.
    Goto Celeste settings and make sure you have Gremlin turned off as we haven't installed this!!
    Bluetoothed files are saved in the*
    var/mobile/received folder and can be sent to Camera roll with iFile. Music files can be inserted into the iPod library with PwnTunes.
    Cydia will ask you to update Celeste, just click on change package settings, ignore upgrades.

    Photo App note...
    to remove the sent via Bluetooth menu in the Photo App (which doesn't work), in SBSettings, click on more, mobile substrate addons, and turn off CelesteSSHelper and respring.
    NOTE... don't forget to turn CelesteSSHelper back on first should you want to uninstall / reinstall / upgrade Celeste.

    If the file transfer stops after a few %, then power off and back on to reset the modem hardware as a respring does not do this.

    By the way, YourTube3 can be installed without Gremlin 2 on iOS5.0.1 using a similar method
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    Angry for how long - how long?
    that's not really a solution! it should still give users have paid for celeste. and they want full support and not wait months for an update!
    So you finally give easy and let your paying customers do not always wait so long, because ios 5 is indeed finally been around long enough there.
    or you have earned enough money and it is no longer necessary?
    I really hope that this is not so ...
    but if so you should give the project to someone about the darn show more interest!
    let's go ...! (whatever ...)

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