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Thread: Report support for your devices

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    well for me, when I try to transfer a file from macbook to iphone 4 (works) but when I want to transfer iphone 4 to macbook (doesn't work) and
    ipad 1 to iphone 4 or iphone 4 to ipad 1 (none)

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    Can transfer from IPod Touch 4.2.1 to LG Chocolate Touch VX8575 but can't transfer from VX8575 to IPod Touch 4.2.1

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    try it with this version of btstack... worked for me so far

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    iPhone 3GS to/from iMac. Works.
    iMac to Polaroid Pogo. Works.
    iPhone 3GS to Polaroid Pogo. DOES NOT WORK.

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    Nokia 5800 receive OK from Iphone4 but Fail to send to iphone4

    Nokia E75 Send and receive OK from Iphone4

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    Iphone 3GS jb with Greenp0ison FW 4.2.1
    Nokia E65 receve and send Ok
    Nokia 5800 receve an send ok
    samsung i600 fail send and receive
    motorola E770 fail send and receive
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    Samsung Wave (GT-S8500):
    Picture Send/Receive ->works
    Audio (.mp3) Send/Receive -> works
    Audio (.m4a) Send works / Receive fails

    MacBookPro (Mid 2010)
    Picture Send/Receive ->works
    Audio (.mp3) Send/Receive -> works
    Audio (.m4a) Send/Receive -> works

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    Exclamation Support for Polaroid PoGo

    Can you please include support for the Polaroid PoGo? That is basically the main reason I bought this product and hoped it was supported. They way Polaroid PoGo works is, you have to connect with it through bluetooth, enter password 6000 and then it should accept it and send the image to the device. This doesn't seem to work so far, it just freezes on sending file and sometimes it does popup the enter password dialogue but not always.

    Thank you very much, otherwise awesome product thank you very much for the effort you put into this!

    P.S. How can I make my phone detectable to other devices (other Iphones or perhaps laptops)?

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    IpodTouch 2G -- Send ---> N72 (Music,picture,contact,voice memo)
    <-- Receive = Fail
    IpodTouch 2G --- Send/Receive = Fail --> PC (windows 7 64bit)

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    Quote Originally Posted by silent View Post

    try it with this version of btstack... worked for me so far
    What would we need this for?

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    Nokia N8- Both recieving and sending
    Nokia X6 - Sending
    Videocon- Recieving
    Sony ericsson k510i- Sending
    Samsung B3410 - None
    Samsung s5233w- Both recieving and sending
    Nokia 2609- Recieving
    Nokia E5- sending
    Lg gd510- Recieving
    Nokia 3600- Recieving
    Sony w595- Sending

    WIndows 7 64 bit - Both recieving and sending
    BTW i have iphone 4 4.2.1
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    samsung sch r500 -------> ITOUCH 2G SEND
    Dell xps m1330 -----> Itouch 2g send
    Itouch 2g -----samsung sch r500 send fail
    Itouch 2g-------> Dell xps m1330 send fail

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    Default 3GS to HTC Hero
    Hi every one.
    I think Celeste is a great app... But there are quite a lot of malfunctions.
    So here's what I figured out today:I managed to receive a file from HTC Hero... But sending one was impossible.
    Sometimes a 'connection failed', or just no response from the other phone...
    So receiving works, not sending.

    That's it!

    Good work anyway

    We're all looking forward the updates

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    Quote Originally Posted by kdankar View Post
    Confirming issue with iphone 4 to iphone 4... All combinations with other devices work from and to iphone4, however, from iphone4 to iphone4, the sender will wait indefinitely, and the recipient will just see the bluetooth signal on top going white instead of Grey and that's it.

    Tried Uninstall and Install 4 times, same thing
    For me it works exactly the same. But iphone4 and ipad1.

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    Default Celeste Bluetooth problems
    After paying the sum of $9.99 for this App ," I come to an conclusion that this App was never tested before the sale started.
    Why do I say this ? Very simple;
    How come there are so many claims ?
    I have three iPhones here," 2 3GS 32GB and 1 iPhone 4 32GB
    There is no way i can transfer a single file from one to the other.
    I start immediately a surf to see if there are problems.
    I was really shocked when I saw so many claims. Is this a rip?
    There was only one person who say it worked for him when he installed the BTstack. I did the same but after the first reboot it did not work. I started Cydia and found an update fro BTstack. I reboot again and see what happen. Nothing,:everything is the same.
    All what I see is it's trying to connect to the other device but never ends connecting. Please do something urgent or refund me my money.Thank you very much and have a nice day.

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    The Following devices worked for me..
    Compaq DV6000 Send>>> Receive<<<<
    Mac Mini Send>>> Receive<<<<
    Polaroid Pogo Printer Send>>>>

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    Please do something to correct Celeste, there is no way to exchange file btw Iphone4 and Ipad and viceversa.
    Futhermore I need to reboot my Iphone in order to enable again the native Bluetooth.


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    Quote Originally Posted by musicazx View Post
    IpodTouch 2G -- Send ---> N72 (Music,picture,contact,voice memo)
    <-- Receive = Fail
    IpodTouch 2G --- Send/Receive = Fail --> PC (windows 7 64bit)
    IpodTouch 2G --> Send --> Pc(windows 7)(Photos,Contacts,Music,Pdf(book app))
    IpodTouch 2G<-- Receive <-- (Docs(Germlin work), Picture, Music(Germlin not working))

    Note: Docs = doc,xls,html,txt(Germlin imports to Quickoffice/docstogo...); pdf(imports to book)
    ---Crashing randomly ----
    Solution on sending/receiving files on windows 7 please read
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    ip4 - ip4 = doesn't work...
    ip4 - galaxy s = send to galaxy but can not receive from galaxy

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    here IPhone4 with 4.2.1:
    sent to LG KP500 (Cookie) works (contacts,files...)
    but receiving works not.

    Send and Receive from Motorola Razr V3 XX complete fail.

    Send and Receive from Mac OX X 10.6.7 with Sony Vaio Bluetooth USB Stick complete fail. Dectects as Smartphone with no services.

    PS: don't use red/green colors i see no colors in the modmyi iphone forum app use this info is useless.

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