ok, i "unlocked" my iphone, with an old sim card from a nokia 3220. now i had the 1mb media net bundle. now i thought that media net was an internet source specifically for the crappy cellphones where you only get weak pages etc. in other words not the full internet. Now, since i switched phones, i have been using the real internet, using safari. I know that is edge.first, i am confused what the heck edge and medianet are? are they the same thing, because in att available plans, there is nothing that says unlimited edge/internet. All i see is unlimited medianet. Now when i checked my data usage, i noticed in 1 week, i went over my limit of 1mb ( 20.5 mb). Ok so i screwed up this time, no biggie. Also, when i checked my features, there were two features checked, the 1mb medianet bundle, and also pay as you xprs/internet usage. the mb medianet is 9.99, and the internet thing is pay as you go. now i changed plan and dropped medianet and pay as you go. Now when i look at the features, there isnt even a pay as you go feature to add. Does anyone get any of this?

second, minutes after cancelling both features, my phone said cannot find server. which is fine until i figure how much i got burned. But a few minutes later, i tried again, this time i had service. I assume its wifi from my router. But even stranger, i had internet explorer 7 as my browser? what happened?